Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nevertrumpers arguments are being disproven daily.

Nevertrumpers arguments are being disproven daily.
1. They erroneously said trump would be drag down ballot. Wrong. Vulnerable’ GOP incumbent senators not so vulnerable in new poll
2. They said he would lose badly to Hillary. Never know the future but today Just days before the Republican National Convention is expected to formally nominate him to run for president, Donald Trump has taken his largest lead yet over Hillary Clinton.
The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly White House Watch survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 44% support to Clinton’s 37%

It is a moral imperative to vote for Trump and defeat Hillary.
He can be a great president for 20 reasons. She is most corrupt, repugnant, lying, bribe taking, racist, anti-Semite, flip fopper, Israel hater, incompetent candidate in a very long time, perhaps ever.
Detailed analysis and sources here

Nevertrumpers and Hillary supporters endanger Israel
She is pro-Islamic terror, anti-Israel. Trump most pro-Israel candidate ever.
Take this quiz
a.    Hillary justifies Hamas missiles
     b. Why terrorists want Hillary 
     c. Long anti-Israel history
     d. Says we should fight Islamic terror with more “love and Kindness”
  e. refuses to see any connection between Islam and 99.9% of terror conducted by Muslims
      f. She is FOR catastrophic Iran deal. Trump says worst deal ever.
      h. Trump we support Israel 100%
i. Hillary is a hidden anti-Semite…/three-eyewitnesses-allege-hillary…/
j. GOP platform most pro Israel ever

Hillary anti-Semite History of racism. Anti-Semite: ,

The charge Trump has no specifics is BS. He has broad vision, has appointed Sen. Jeff Sessions
to head his foreign policy advisors, Larry Kudlow loves his tax plan, he says he will balance budget with the penny plan, has detailed medical policy on his page.
Why Trump could be a GREAT President.It is a gamble. And i think he is WRONG on trade but....

1. Will close the borders and deport illegal felons that Obama opened
2. Will slow Muslim immigration which endangers us that Obama did. It is the law
3. Will destroy Isis that Obama pretends to fight
4. Will improve balance of trade
5. Will cut business killing regulations that Obama instituted
7. Will support our allies that Obama repudiated
8. Will end Obamacare
9. Will end “sanctuary cities” harboring illegal immigrant felons that Obama encouraged
10. Will rebuild our military Obama gutted
11. Will improve care for our Vets Obama ignored
12. Will stop IRS and EPA abusing citizens Obama did
13. Will reform welfare that led to our record poverty under Obama
14. He won’t be Hillary: corrupt, pathological liar, scandal after scandal, sold out nation for profit, aided Islamic terror,
15. Will keep Gitmo open and add "lots of really bad guys"
16. Will scare world leaders of enemies to cooperating, as Reagan did.
17. Close to Israel PM Netanyahu
18. Breitbart gives 5 more reasons
19. Will balance budget with "penny plan"
20. Names Sen. Jeff Sessions to form foreign policy adviser team
21. He will scrap economy destroying phony climate change agreement He's called climate change a "hoax" and now Donald J. Trump says he'll scrap the Paris agreement altogether

If he does this, he will be a GREAT President. 
Obama worst president ever 
Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist

Paul Muffoletto Top Ten Reasons for Supporting Donald Trump:

1. Donald Trump is immune to special interest lobbying because he has accepted no special interest money. No other candidate can make this claim.
2. Donald Trump knows how to negotiate. No one builds an international business empire the size of Mr. Trump’s without being able to win at the negotiating table.
3. Donald Trump is an executive. The President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. We don’t need a policy expert or a legislator – we need someone who knows how to run an organization. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who has a proven record as a successful executive on a large scale.
4. Donald Trump is honest. Mr. Trump is a man who tells the truth. He may not always say it in the most polished way, but our country has had enough suave liars. It is time for some straight forward honesty.
5. Donald Trump is decisive. We hear about his having business interests that filed for bankruptcy. In each case, he looked at the situation as it was, and then he cut his losses. We need someone who will look at government programs realistically and if they are failures; will end the wasteful Washington spending.
6. Donald Trump is courageous. Mr. Trump has been viciously attacked by the Washington establishment and the media – and he has not budged one inch. In other words, he is willing to take charge and lead.
7. Donald Trump listens. At Trump Presidential events, the audience gets to actually speak to him without being screened, and he responds without a teleprompter.
8. Donald Trump understands that a nation without borders, language and laws is not a nation.
9. Donald Trump has actually read the Bill of Rights, and is willing to defend its provisions. He is not afraid to speak about Christian persecution, and protecting gun rights.
10. Donald Trump loves this country – and says so. He wants to make America great again –and he will!

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