Monday, October 17, 2016

Contest: What is best nickname for Hillary:

Contest: What is best nickname for Hillary:
Firebombing Hillary: her toxic rhetoric led to firebombing of GOP Headquarters
Murderous Hillary? Wikileaks show her asking to “Drone” Assange plus 85+ associates dead
Scandal Hillary : lifetime of scandal after scandal
Corrupt Hillary: What we know of Clinton criminal Foundation, the bribes, toxic works, money laundering,
Racist Hillary: took $ and endorsement from KKK and loved KKK Senator Byrd
Anti-Semite Hillary: loves saying “ Jew bastar…”
Israel hater Hillary: emails show huge amount vicious anti-Israel hatred from closest associalists
Incompetent Hillary: every area she has touched in world as Secretary of state is much much worse
Islamic appeaser Hillary: Beholden because of bribes to world’s worst, loves Iran deal, helped give birth to isis, covers for Alquida by lying at Benghazi
Liar Hillary: lie after lie, pathological. FBI director laid out so many of her lies
Hates Americans Hillary: calls her opponents irredeemable, deplorable, Nazis, Wikileaks shows her party’s contempt for Catholics, evangelicals, Hispanics, southerners
Reckless and negligent Hillary with top secrets: unsecured server left pour secrets exposed
Insane Hillary: closest secret service agent to her for 8 years wrote book detailing her mental insanity
Women abusing Hillary: led campaign to intimidate and destroy the women Bill raped and abused
Saul Alinsky/George Soros stooge Hillary

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