Sunday, October 30, 2016

Would a Nevertrumper please provide ONE policy issue where Hillary is better than Trump?

Would a Nevertrumper please provide ONE policy issue where Hillary is better than Trump? Because it WILL be one of them. Them name one good thing she has done in 46 years of public service.
Hillary: Incompetent/dangerous/horrible foreign, economic and domestic policy ideas plus a monstrous, repugnant as a person
details and proof here…/how-about-40-reason…

Obama worst president ever. Corrupt Hillary applauds this disaster and doubles down in it.
Hillary: Incompetent, horrible foreign, economic and domestic policy ideas plus a monster as a person
1. No one could have been a more INCOMPETENT Secretary of state if they tried
a. Isis born under her watch and now we learn she SOLD weapons to them
b. Benghazi happened. She IGNORED 600 requests for more security before it. Lied about the cause of it to protect Obama to the faces of the dead’s families and all of us.
c. Gave 20% of our URANIUM to the Russians who gave it to iran through her illegal pay-to-play scheme with the Clinton Foundation
d. Took $100,000,000 from world’s worst nations as bribes through Clinton Foundation. What do they expect from her now?
e. Catastrophic Iran deal hatched.
f. Isis spreads to 30 nations, as Aluida spreads too.
g. Yemen, Libya, Ira, Syria, Lebanon deteriorate, all come under orbit of Iran.
h. Wikileak emails of hers show deep hatred of Israel from her top aids
i. All our adversaries advanced. Russia into Crimea, Middle East and huge navy push into Atlantic, china in South China sea, N. Korea keeps testing nuks, Iran humiliates us regularly in Persian Gulf.
j. All our allies feel abandonmed
WORST SECRETARY of State EVER and she wants a promotion?
2. Disastrous economic policy
a. Doubles down on Obama’s worst ever presidency. Record poverty. Record poor economic growth over 8 years. First time never reaching 3%. Record low labor participation rate. Most new jobs part time and low wages. Obamacare costing us x what Obama said and indivudla premiums skyrocketing. Home ownership drops. Wages stagnant. Record new business killing regulations and highest corporate tax rates in world. Waste TRILLION on stimulus that produced no growth or jobs. They try and fool us by claiming Obama reduced defecit. He reduced his ANNUAL deficit from . trillion a year to still record $500 billion but he doubled accumulated DEBT. Do you get the difference between anuual deficit and accumulated debt?
b. Her claim that Obama had to dig us out of republican made mess is the opposite. Democrats caused the disaster of 2007/8.…/new-study-finds-democrat…/
3. Disastrous domestic policies
a. Supports OPEN BORDERS
b. Supports Blacklivesmatter, which has led to huge rise in murder rates, rise in killing of cops and is based on a lie.
c. Supports no limits for abortion, so even ok to kill babies against limits set by Roe V Wade
d. Lies about not wanting to confiscate guns. Her Supreme Court will overturn Webber case.
e. She told us the justices she wants to appoint: essentially social workers with law degrees. SUPREME COURT: do you understand what a Hillary Supreme court will do to our rights? They will be gone. free speech, guns, freedom assembly, religious freedom, all gone forever
f. ENDANGERS US Wikileaks shows she KNOWS we cannot vet the refugees.
g. Tell me again what the Democrats have done for the inner cities? 8 years Obama=RECORD POVERTY, massive rise in murder rate. 6 generations welfare dependency. 80% illegitimate births. 50% unemployment among black young men.
h. OBAMACARE falling apart and she will make medical care WORSE> apart, and sold on LIES and she wants to “fix it” Her real goal is SOCIALIZED medicine. In other words, expand FAILED VA medical care to all of us.
i. 36. Riots occurring financed George Soros, her #3 top donor.
j. Want to pervert religions that do not agree with liberal views. WIKILEAKS shows her team hates Catholics and Evangelicals.
There you have it folks, today’s Democratic Party and their respect for “diversity.” Here they admit a deliberate intent to interfere with a private religious institution because it doesn’t conform to the dictates of liberal identity politics.
4. She is a monster She’s WAY WORSE than nasty. MONSTER Hillary: She is a DESPICABLE, tyrannical, psychotic, leftist radical person. There is no other way to describe her. A lifetime of corruption, bribe taker and giver, lies, scandals and incompetency and her supporters DO NOT CARE. Her POLICIES will exacerbate the nightmare of the Obama years.
NEWEST wiklieaks shows she authorized paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies, to commit voter fraud
1. Lifetime of Scandals. She gets away with murder. Different set of rules for her vs everyone else.
2. STOLE Hundreds of millions meant for Haitain relief
3. BRIBERY Hundreds of millions in bribes from Islamic terror nations and Wall street. Wickleaks reveals Bill gets $ million bribe for his birthday from QATAR. What does Hillary owe them now?
4. LIE after lie after lie. Her supporters do not care.
5. Corrupted State dept. in pay-to-play scheme giving favors to huge donors.
6. took RACIST. KKK $
7. ANTI_SEMITE. Loves saying “fin jew bastar
9. #3 top supporter Nazi lover George Soros. Her supporters do not care.
10. Closest Secret Service agent 8 years writes book detailing her INSANITY
11. Laughed about getting child rapist off.
14. MURDERER. She wanted to drone Assange. Dozens of close associates are dead under mysterious circumstances. Media is so in her pocket that she literally gets away with MURDER?
15. Obama in 2008 “she will say and do anything to get elected. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be president.” Her supporters do not care.
16 .EMAILS Lies and lies about private unsecured server, then bleach bits emails under subpoena, and destroys phones, obstructing justice.
17. Claims can’t remember classification lectures, lies about classified material on her illegal private server stored in a bathroom, and jeopardizes all our nation’s top secrets.
18. CORRUPTED FEDERAL AGENCIES Obama and Clintons have corrupted IRS, EPA, Justice dept., ) State dept., Homeland Security. Even FBI!!
19. TOP AID TERRORIST For 20 years, HUMA .
20. Mentored by radical saul Alinsky "Rules for radicals"…/hillarys-mentor-rad… Her supporters do not care.
21 STOLE hundreds of millions meant for Haiti relief
22. Hillary considers half of Trump's supporters irredeemable deplorable, and now wilileaks exposes her contempt for religious Catholics, Israel, Southerners, Hispanics and she takes KKK money
23. Wikileaks shows mainstream media totally aligned with Clinton. Her presidency will destroy checks and balances the nation needs.
24. Wikilieaks proves it was Hillary campaign that started obama birther and obama Muslim to derail him in 2008.…/leaked-email-clinton-campaign-pus…/
39. Abuses women:
Trumped up accusations vs Trump being disproven 1 by 1.…/1-by-1-trumps-accus…
Mrs. Clinton threatening, smearing and targeting women her husband has sexually assaulted.
Bill impeached, disbarred, rapes and abuses and she wants him back in the White House.

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