Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hillary supports catastrophic iran deal, Trump opposes.

1 of 100 reasons to vote Trump ver Hillary,. besides her being an anti-Semite and Israel hater She enthusiastically endorses Iran deal. He says worst deal ever made.
Of all the many LIES KAINE told in the VP debate, none is more consequential than the LIE he told about Israeli military supporting the Iran deal.
"Prime Minister Netanyahu jumped in to correct President Obama.
“While Israel’s view on the Iran deal remains unchanged… it firmly believes that Israel has no greater ally than the United States,” said a statement released by Netanyahu’s office.
Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud) agreed with his party leader.
“I don’t know to which Israelis [Obama] spoke recently,” said Hanegbi, “But I can promise you that the position of the prime minister, the defense minister and of most senior officials in the defense establishment has not changed,” he told The Times of Israel. “The opposite is the case. The time that has elapsed since the deal was signed proved that all our worries that, regrettably, we had before the deal was made, were justified.”
The Defense Ministry, headed by Avigdor Lieberman (Jewish Home), was even more critical of President Obama’s statement.
“The Israeli defense establishment believes that agreements have value only if they are based on the existing reality, but they have no value if the facts on the ground are the complete opposite of those the deal is based upon,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Iran deal WORSE than we feared.

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