Friday, October 21, 2016

Hillary’s catastrophic debate performance

Hillary’s catastrophic debate performance. just a few of the many
1.       When asked about her comments wanting “OPEN BORDORS” she lied and said it had to do with energy
2.       She claims 90% of corrupt Clinton Foundation goes for charity. It is actually 5.7%
3.       She says she is pro women. Wikileaks shows she pays women MUCH LESS than men at Foundation. We also know she threatened the women her husband raped and by attacking them instead of punishing him, she is an abuser enabler.
4.       She announced a top secret item to 70 million people, how long it takes to launch our codes.
She obviously cannot be trusted with our secrets.
5.       She tried to dodge the many serious revelations by blaming Russia and linking that to Trump, while she and Obama’s incompetency with Russia have led us closer to war than since Cold War.
6.       Never answered trump’s attacks on how she has hurt everything she has touched in the world. Incompetent secret of state

7.       Never was even asked if she’s accept election result

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