Monday, October 17, 2016

The election in brief: choice between...

This election in brief: easy choice for a rational person

Hillary: wants Open borders-allow anyone in/radical Supreme Ct/riots/record poverty/debt doubled/worst Secr.State/corrupt; sold our country to our enemies/liar/ reckless with our secrets/abused and threatened women her husband raped/bribes in pay-to-play/Islamo appeaser/ deplorables-irredeemables /makes fun of Catholics/Iran deal/Isis born/confiscate guns/raise taxes/more regulations/Obamacare destructing/ riots/Blacklivesmatter supporter/took $ from KKK/loves saying “fin Jew bastar..”/46 years public life what has she ever done?/corrupted IRS, Justice, State dept, FBI/hurt inner cities-what have democrats ever done for blacks? Wants No limits at all on abortion: kill any fetus anytime for any reason/ignored 600 requests for more security at Benghazi-lied about the cause being Islamic radical terrorism-lied to the dad’s parents.

Lifetime on govt. salary? How did they make hundfreds millions $$$: Bribes and thievery. Clinton Foundation spends 5% on charity/stole hundreds millions meant for Haitian relief from earthquake/all FBI but corrupt director wanted her prosecuted/wanted to “drone” wikileaks founder/85 close associates dead under mysterious circumstances/emails disclose vicious anti-Israel associates/top aid Huma is Muslim Brotherhood terrorist/gutted military/Veterans abused/worst ever anemic growth under Obama 8 years/all our allies alienated and adversaries growing stronger/hires thugs to incite violence at trump rallies/supporters firebomb GOP headquarters. Ridiculous Russia reset button. A recently released FBI document reveals that Hillary Clinton asked the FBI to retroactively change the classification of her classified email regarding the Benghazi attacks in a quid pro quo to allow the FBI to deploy more agents in foreign countries. Finally: is there any Democratic politician not a sex predator? Bill rapist, Ted kills Mary Jo -Kennedy, JFK shared Marilyn with mafia don, LBJ, Gary Hart, John Edwards, Obama shows off erection on campaign plane 2008, Biden mitts on everyman’s wife, Huma’s husband sexting nude pictures to underage girls Anthony wiener. Hillary DID accomplish something amazing: has stayed out of jail so far.


Trump: Secure borders/lower taxes/cut regulations/kill Iran deal/kill Obamacare/destroy Isis/constitutionalist on Supreme court, safeguard guns, law and order/rebuild military/rebuild infrastructure/grow economy/rebuild trust in Justice and FBI, IRS/allow in only safe refugees/put America first/rebuild trust with allies/control our adversaries/

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