Sunday, October 23, 2016

She is way worse than just "nasty"

Nasty woman? No. Much worse.
She is WAY worse than that. Even her own security details considers her beyond nasty. They laughed when she fell and broke her elbow, (1) they despise her that much. One wrote a book saying she is insane and a dictator. (2) Trump let her off too lightly. Wikileaks (proven now NOT being hacked by Russia despite hillary’s lies) and Project Veritas confirm: She is a MONSTER. Corrupt (3) /murderer (4) /thief/pathological liar (5) /psychotic/woman abuser of women her husband raped/laughs after getting child rapist off/ /racist (6) /anti-Semite (7) /power mad (8) /incompetent/reckless and negligent with our top secrets/bribe taker/radical Islamic terrorism appeaser (9) /sold out US interests for bribes as Secr. Of state (10) / Uses Clinton Foundation as money laundering scheme to finance their lavish lifestyle/ life time of scandal after scandal (11) / and most likely hiding a very serious set of medical conditions..etc. You are blind, deaf and dumb if you can’t see it.
     DNC wikileaks emails show disdain for Catholics, Evangelicals, Gun owners, Southerners, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and we “deplorables and irredeemables”, (12) how she and Bill have corrupted our most vital institutions (13)
And they prove Democrats will use nazi/Stalinist tactics steal the election, (14) including Nazi lover George Soros and Hillary puppeteer’s voting machines used in 16 states, aided and abetted by the democrats Propaganda Ministry-our MEDIA. Don’t BUY the HILLARY CON.
48 reasons why voting for Hillary will be one of the worst decisions of your life and a disaster for the world. She is totally INCOMPETENT.

Trump will: secure our borders, rebuild our gutted military, keep our guns, appoint real Constitutionally oriented judges and not leftist social workers to the Supreme Court, save coal, shut down Obamacare and replace with market oriented medicine, rebuild our infrastructure, lower world’s highest corporate tax rate, remove business killing regulations, get our allies to pay their fair share of military protection, restore our vital institutions corrupted by Obama/Hillary (FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, Justice dept., State dept., keep out isis terrorists, expel violent illegal immigrants, restore our relations with allies, confront the massive aggression of Russia, China, N Korea, Iran, In brief: restore America.

4.       Democrats using 1930s Nazi power techniques to acquire power parallels shown

5.       Murderer + murderous intent "Hillary asks-can't we drone Assange" and possibly murders

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