Monday, October 10, 2016

Liberals make them all herpes. Woops. Misspelled. I mean, heroes.

Are all Democrats except Jimmy carter (who lusted in his heart), sex crazed? Liberals love abusers as long as they are liberal. 
JFK bragged about his extra marital affairs with women he shared with mafia bosses. Bill brags about 2000 women, only 20 have said he raped/abused them so far. Ted killed one conquest drowning in a car. Hillary ruined the lives of many of the women her husband raped.VP candidate Kaine applauds his open marriage, Biden can’t keep his mitts off any woman he’s near. Hillary laughs about getting child rapist off. Al Gore cheated on Tipper. Gary Hart caught cheating after daring press to catch him.. John Edwards had to drop out for sex scandal.
     Obama in 2008 “she will say and do anything to get elected. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be president.” Her supporters do not care.

Trump demolished her. 46 years in public life and did 0 except ruin things.!!!!!3 of the 440 pieces of legislation she had her name on became law.  Hillary is a treasonous, lying, bribe taking, racist, anti-Semitic, Iran loving, Isis creating, incompetent, psychopathic, insane, maniacal murderer, woman abusing monster whose policies and views enhance all our enemies and will weaken our economy further and deprive us of our freedoms. She was reckless and grossly negligent with our nation’s top secrets. .
30 lines of analysis with sources linked here.
Trump will stop the illegal alien invasion, limit Islamic terrorists from smuggling in rebuild the gutted military, remove business growth killing highest taxes and over regulation, actually fight isis, bring back jobs, be a loyal ally,

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