Friday, October 21, 2016

Democrats using 1930s Nazi power techniques to acquire power parallels shown

Democrats Using Nazi tactics of the 30s to amass power and tyrannize

Alinsky/Soros-Nazi/Hillary/Obama links explain Democratic storm trooper tactics

The key to everything is

1. to understand the primary intellectual influence on both Obama and Hillary is Saul Alinsky AND

2. the influence of Nazi lover George Soros, main financier of tyrannical Democratic activities.

1.. Alinsky mentored them both. His primary goal was accumulation of mass power
through any means necessary.
2. Soros collaborated with the Nazis and such a self-hating Jew

Evidence is clear now the Democrats are using same power acquiring techniques as early 1930s nazi tactics. I'm not saying they are Nazis, or God forbid want to mass murder, (though Hillary did call for “droning Assange “ and 85+ of Clinton associates dead under mysterious circumstances.

But the Democrats have been PROVEN, by Wikileaks and Project veritas (year long undercover infilatration of top democratic operatives) in the last few days, coordinated at the top by Obama and Hillary, to use some the same techniques the Nazis used in the early 1930s.

1. Nazis started out in the early 30s hired thugs to create violence at opponent’s rallys.

2. Nazis had dead people vote.

3. Nazis firebombed opponent’s offices.

4. Nazis set up propaganda unit under Joseph Goebbels, with direct reporting to Hitler, tried to shut down opposing media. Nazis made sure they had virtually all media being their propaganda machine.

5. They corrupted all the vital organs of the government; Justice dept., State dept, FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, Homeland security, gutted the military

6. Nazi anti black racism besides anti jewish

7. Nazi ideology based on Jew hatred, Catholics, homosexuals, religious Christians, anti black

Project Veritas and Wikileaks PROVES Democrats are using these same 1930's Nazi storm trooper tactics to try and rig this election, endangering our republic

Caught red handed, the Dems scapegoat the soldiers by firing them or having them resign.

Democrats are:

1. registering dead people.

2. hiring thugs to incite violence

3. firebombing GOP headquarters

4. 1/8 registrations improper=18 million people (Pew Poll),

5. ripping up GOP ballot and throwing them away

6. using George Soros voting machines in 16 states

7. corrupted FBI, Justice dept., State dept., IRS.

8. Censoring wikileaks revelations by cutting off his internet. CENSORSHIP, just like they keep trying to shut down talk radio.

9. All the while the democrats propaganda unit: AP, CBS, Yahoo, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Google (hides searches anti Hillary) Youtube ( censors Dennis Prager conservative videos), facebook (censures exposing radical islam),  NYTimes, Univision, Washington Post, ABC, Politico cover up the truth about monster Hillary and lie about Trump.

10. Soros spent $33 million financing professional rioters to loot and burn in ferguson and baltimore

12. Hillary's deep seated anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel.

13. It is Democrats who CONTEST ELECTIONS, while they try and steal them. Gore contested election to Supreme Court. Obama hired countless lawyers in case of close election.

14.. Wikileaks shows Democrat leaders behind closed doors despise Catholicism, evangelicals, southerners, are racist, anti semitic

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