Saturday, October 22, 2016

If Trump wins, our work does not stop

If Trump wins...
Everyone needs to understand that the Democratic propaganda Ministry (the media) and corrupt, tyrannical, fascist Democrats will be unrelenting in daily attacks trying to undermine his presidency, push for impeachment non stop, block his agenda in Congress while the Nevertrump morons will say non stop "see we warned you." Our work to save the nation and world, and save us from the forces that gave us Hillary, will not end. So buck up and don't stop. First things, first. Let's get Trump/Pence elected. Then we continue to fight on against the evil. Wikileaks and Project Veritas have confirmed this week that we battle Soviet/Nazi like Fascistic techniques of lies, paid violent agitators, firebombing, corruption at the highest levels, and denigrating much of America: Catholics/Jews/Blacks/Southerners/gun owners/Evangelicals, deplorable-irredeemable Trump supporters etc. (
+unbelievable incompetency of both Obama and Hillary
+ murderous intent "Hillary asks-can't we drone Assange" and possibly murders

wiklieaks on Hillary's racism

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