Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump demolished Hillary last night, exposed her SCAM

Trump demolished Hillary last night, exposed her SCAM. Don’t fall for Hillary con. 46 YEARS in government and all we get is a lifetime of corruption, scandals, negligent with our top secrets, and pathological lying, as well as most incompetent Secretary of State ever. Every decision she made had horrible consequences. She is abuser of women her husband raped. He mentioned her deep rooted, out of control hatred. Contempt for much of America. He let her get away with lie about her claim that she was not in office when Obama drew Red Line in Syria. She was on her heels the whole night, because what he said about her is true. LIAR, CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT, He mentioned the horrible deals, Iran, trade, the record anemic growth we have, her desire for higher taxes and more regulations and so much more horrible policies she advocates.
And he left much on the table: maybe saving for next debate. Corrupt Clinton foundation where she sold out State department in pay-to-play. Transferred 20% our uranium to Russia who gave it to Iran. KKK endorsement. Vicious anti-Semite and Israel hater exposed by emails. Top aid Huma Muslim terrorist. Plus dozens of other horrible things about her.
More he can use as ammunition.
1. Lifetime of Scandals. Her supporters do not care.…/here-they-are-hillarys-22-biggest-sca…/
2. Hundreds of millions in bribes from Islamic terror nations and Wall street. Her supporters do not care.…/saudi-arabia-has-funded-20-hilla……/exclusive-persian-gulf-sheikhs-ga…/
3. LIE after lie after lie. Her supporters do not care.
4.Corrupted State dept. in pay-to-play scheme giving favors to huge donors. Her supporters do not care.…/clinton-foundation-ceo-admits-p…/
5.Gave 20% our uranium to Russia who gave it to Iran. Her supporters do not care.…/flashback-clintons-loved-russia-…
6. Racism. Her supporters do not care. KKK $ and endorsements.…/…
7. Anti-Semitism. Her supporters do not care. Loves saying “fin jew bastar…”…/
8. Israel hatred. Her supporters do not care.…/hillary-is-vicious-…
9. #3 top supporter Nazi lover George Soros. Her supporters do not care.
10.Donations and endorsement from KKK. Her supporters do not.…/klan-leader-claims-kkk-has…
11. Incompetency led to Isis formation. Her supporters do not care.…/2638370-someone-else-also-thinks…
12. Wants to confiscate guns like Hitler and Stalin did. Her supporters do not care.
13. Abusing women her husband raped. Her supporters do not care.…/hillary-clinton-enabled-bil…
14. Laughed about getting child rapist off. Her supporters do not care.
15. 85 dead closed acquaintances and supporters who were willing to tell the truth found dead. Her supporters do not care.…/
16.Supports cop killing advocates blacklivesmatter. Her supporters do not care.
17.Obama in 2008 “she will say and do anything to get elected. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be president.” Her supporters do not care.
18. Incompetent decisions including advocating Higher taxes, more regulations, more Muslims terrorists, more race riots, more cop killings, more murders, massive spread Islamic terror, Israel sold down the river, China/N. Korea/Iran/Russia/ Isis/ Alquida all expand as we contract. Her supporters do not care.…/hillary-clintons-foreign-poli…
19. Believes 3rd world has a RIGHT to come to USA. Wants open borders.…/wikileaks-dump-hillary-dreams-o…/
20. Believes it is safe to bring in 100,000 syrian refugees despite ALL our security agencies say we cannot vet them and 0 Muslim nations take any. Her supporters do not care.…/isis-to-send-wannabe-serial-kil…/
21. Lies and lies about private unsecured server, then bleach bits emails under subpoena, and destroys phones, obstructing justice. Her supporters do not care.…/clinton-scandal-44-more-lies-tur…
22. Claims can’t remember classification lectures, lies about classified material on her illegal private server stored in a bathroom, jeopardizes all our nation’s top secrets. Her supporters do not care.…/heres-all-40-times-hillary-clint…/
23. Obama and Clintons have corrupted IRS, EPA, Justice dept., (…/a7807adc-3ff4-11e6-a66f-aa…) State dept., Homeland Security. Even FBI!!…/ Her supporters do not care.
24. For 20 years, Hillary's top aid and probably main lover is Muslim Brotherhood terrorist supporter Huma. She will be probable chief-of-staff if Hillary wins. Yesterday email revealed shows her contemporary for AIPAC.…/292310-huma-abedins-ties-to-the-muslim… Her supporters do not care.
25. Why is everyone silent about Hillary being a psychopath? Besides her complete corruption and pathological lying, we have 85 close acquaintances dead under mysterious circumstances and now a smoking gun. New memo has her suggesting we "drone " Wiki leaks founder Assange. She doesn't even deny it. Just says she doesn't remember suggesting it. Closest Secret Service agent wrote a book warning about her uncontrollable anger. Media covers it up. Her supporters do not care. America might elect a murderous psychopath.…/361459-secretary-clinton-drone-assange/Her supporters do not care.
26. Closest secret Service agent says Hillary insane.…/ex-secret_service_agent_… Her supporters do not care.

27. Obama projected 3.9% annual growth. We got 2%, worst ever average growth over a 2 term presidency. Why? Democratic economics. High taxes, massive business killing regulations. Result. Doubled debt, historic low labor participation and home ownership. Stagnant wages. Massive rise in health care premiums. Hillary doubles down on this disaster. Her supporters do not care.
28. 1 of 100 reasons to vote Trump ver Hillary,. besides her being an anti-Semite and Israel hater She enthusiastically endorses Iran deal. He says worst deal ever made.…/hillary-clinton-ano…
Of all the many LIES KAINE told in the VP debate, none is more consequential than the LIE he told about Israeli military supporting the Iran deal. Her supporters do not care.
29. Mentored by radical saul Alinsky "Rules for radicals"…/hillarys-mentor-rad…

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  1. You are correct. Hillary is above all criticism as far as her supporters go. She could kill and eat a human baby on the White House lawn and her supporters would find some way to excuse it.