Thursday, October 13, 2016

Monster Hillary: totally corrupt, treasonous bribe taker, murderer, pathological liar, psychotic, and more

Monster Hillary: totally corrupt, treasonous bribe taker, murderer, pathological liar, psychotic, racist, anti-Semite, incompetent, worst-secretary of state ever,
2. While Secretary of State, she received hundreds of millions in bribes from Islamic terror nations and Wall Street in the form o “donations to Clinton Foundation” and exorbitant speaking fees. What does she owe them now?. Her supporters do not care. Clinton Foundation is a money laundering scheme to enrich Clintons. Examples: The Clintons helped the Russian nuke agency get control of 20% of American uranium as part of a deal that involves a Canadian billionaire, Kazakhstan mining officials and Vladimir Putin. Another,the Clintons got into bed with African strongmen with horrendous human rights records. “Paul Kigali is a friend of Bill Clinton’s,” (Rwanda’s leader). The Clintons are engaging in neo-colonialism in exploiting African countries’ natural resources. Hillary Clinton of flip-flopping on the Keystone XL pipeline after an investor booked Bill Clinton for lucrative speeches. Clinton’s State Department spared Sweden’s Ericsson of troubles over selling technology to Iran after it, too, booked Bill Clinton for a paid talk. The list goes on: that Bill Clinton pocketed KGB money, a mining company put Hillary brother, Tony Rodham, on its board after it won concessions. The individual facts are true and based on widely reported events and public documents.
3. LIES. Her supporters do not care.
4. Racism. Her supporters do not care. KKK $ and endorsements.
5.  Anti-Semitism. Her supporters do not care. Loves saying “fin jew bastar…”
6. Israel hatred. Her supporters do not care.
7. #3 top supporter Nazi lover George Soros. Her supporters do not care.
8 Worst, most .Incompetent Secr of state ever. Every part of world she touch alienated our alies and helped spread power to our adversaries. China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Islamic terror all grew stronger. Middle east disintegrated.  Her supporters do not care.
9. Wants to confiscate guns like Hitler and Stalin did. Her supporters do not care.
10 Abusing women her husband raped. Her supporters do not care.
11. Laughed about getting child rapist off. Her supporters do not care.
12. 85 dead closed acquaintances and supporters who were willing to tell the truth found dead. Her supporters do not care.
Says “can’t we drone (MURDER) Assange (wicklieaks founder)
13.Supports cop killing advocates blacklivesmatter. Her supporters do not care.
14.Obama in 2008 “she will say and do anything to get elected. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be president.” Her supporters do not care.
15. Incompetent decisions including advocating Higher taxes, more regulations, more Muslims terrorists, more race riots, more cop killings, more murders, massive spread Islamic terror, Israel sold down the river, China/N. Korea/Iran/Russia/ Isis/ Alquida all expand as we contract. Her supporters do not care.
16. Believes 3rd world has a RIGHT to come to USA. Wants open borders.
17. Knows it is unsafe  to bring in 100,000 syrian refugees despite, as  ALL our security agencies say we cannot vet them and 0 Muslim nations take any. Wants to anyway. Her supporters do not care.
18. Lies and lies about private unsecured server, then bleach bits emails under subpoena, and destroys phones, obstructing justice. Her supporters do not care. FBI director did not prosecute because he has been corrupted. The FBI and dept Justice pros want her indicted.
19. Claims can’t remember classification lectures, lies about classified material on her illegal private server stored in a bathroom, jeopardizes all our nation’s top secrets. Her supporters do not care.
20. Obama and Clintons have corrupted IRS, EPA, Justice dept., State dept., FBI, Homeland Security. Her supporters do not care.
21. Every delivery of new Wikileaks emails give us more and more evidence that her whole campaign is built on a lie, and basically America's national interest will be on the auction block." – Dr. Sebastian Gorka
22. Being reckless and grossly negligent with our nation’s top secrets
23. Her top aid (lover?) HUMA 20 years is outed as Muslim brotherhood supporter
24. Wikileaks shows mainstream media totally aligned with Clintn. Her presidency will destroy checks and balances the nation needs.
25. Hillary embraces the nightmare Obama has given us. Obama achieved what he wanted. Record poverty. Doubled our debt. Catastrophic iran deal. Isis and alquida spreading wildly. New normal of riots and terrorism attacks. All our traditional allies alienated, our traditional adversaries emboldened, our military gutted. Anemic economic growth. Importing 1 million Muslims, half who want shariah. Historic lows in labor participation and home ownership. Ruined our health care. Blacks horribly worse off. Exploding black on black murders. And now he want the most corrupt, lying, incompetent Secretary of State we have ever had, to continue his "legacy", to double down on his disastrous presidency. And half of America support this. Unbelievable. Obama "legacy" demolished in 3 minutes. He will go down as worst president in 100 years. Hillary will be worse.

Economy: Obama doubled all our debt, has worst anemic growth rate over 8 years as well as record poverty,  because of high taxes and massive regulations and she doubles down on it
27. Has CONTEMPT for Americans. Calls half Trump supporters irredeemable deplorables and now this:

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