Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vote for hillary is voting for fascism /new videos today prove the links.

Trump has been right all along. Our feckless RINO leadership has been wrong. Vote for Hillary is voting for fascism. Wikileaks was being too damaging to their cause, including proving Obama complicity, so their INTERNET cut off by John Kerry demand. . Then GOP headquarters bombed. Then videos of a year long undercover investigation catching Democratic operatives speaking freely reveals 1. massive large scale voter fraud program designed to steal election 2. They hire homeless and thugs to incite violence at trump rallies 3. Directed from Hillary's campaign, in close cooperation with OBAMA, to DNC funneling money to various operatives. 4. Incestuous ties between 96% of media and Hillary's campaign. 5. FBI director Comey corrupted by them. This is FASCISM. They are trying to deny free and fair elections. Vote for hillary is voting for fascism. http://therightscoop.com/watch-new-bombshell-video-just-released-james-okeefe-mass-voter-fraud/

Jonathan Ginsburg

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