Thursday, November 10, 2016

America and world saved

America and world saved
In protest, student sees cop and says "where is your KKK hood". Cop turns to reporter and says "that's why Trump won. Americans are sick of liberals."
Great day for America, world peace, our allies. We dodged a bullet not electing lying, corrupt, incompetent, murderous, reckless, treasonous. Islamic terror loving monster Hillary, while electing a team that will do so much to fix our economy, stop record poverty, rebuild military, protect our rights, control our enemies etc. The racist accusations about Trump are classic Democratic lies. That is what they always try to con voters. Wikieaks PROVES it is the democratic leadership that are the racists, anti-Semites, anti-Christian, make fun of Hispanics etc. Saudis and Wall Street want their multi million bribes refunded. Thank God America got it right.
1.Who Wins? Who loses with Trump?
2.73 reasons electing Hillary would have wrecked USA and world
3.Would a Nevertrumper please provide ONE policy issue where Hillary is better than Trump?
4.Hillary is a vicious lifetime anti-Semite and racist, Israel hater, pro-Islamic jihad

5.Obama worst President ever Americans suffer under Obama

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