Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Don't blame Comey

Don't blame Comey
Piers Morgan says
I don’t blame Comey at all. He had no choice. When it comes to the blame game, I would suggest there are three people a lot more culpable.
First, Huma Abedin for not informing the FBI about this laptop during the original investigation. She apparently claims she didn’t know any of her emails were on it. Really? Well how the hell did they get there then?
But ultimately, the person most to blame for all this is Hillary Clinton. She’s the one who deliberately set up a private email server while she was Secretary of State in flagrant breach of the rules of government email usage.
She’s the one who exchanged classified information in those emails. She’s the one who, when the balloon of this scandal went up, then deleted 33,000 of those emails, raising a huge cloud of suspicion over what they contained.
She’s the one who misled everyone repeatedly whenever she talked about this scandal. Hillary Clinton made her secret email bed and she lied in it. Now she is paying the consequences and it may cost her the White House. She’s the one to blame not James Comey.

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