Thursday, November 24, 2016

The left's bizare values about anti semitism

Secret White House meetings with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Media? *yawn*
Iran nuclear deal deceptively passed off on the American people. Media? *yawn*
Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters march through the streets of Chicago calling for the destruction of Israel. Media? *yawn*
Blatant bias and lies against Israel uncovered as it defends itself against terrorist attacks and the "knife intifada". Media? *yawn*
BDS campaigns on college campuses all over the country, as Jewish and pro-Israel students are verbally, and (at times) physically attacked. Media? *yawn*
Swastikas spray painted on Jewish dorms, and mezuzahs ripped off their doors. Media? *yawn*
Donald Trump elected as president, and alt-right KKK wannabes celebrate. Media? ANTI-SEMITISM! ANTI-SEMITISM! ANTI-SEMITISM!

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