Friday, November 18, 2016

They're worried about ALT RIGHT? ALT LEFT is the danger

Obama said in 2008 he wanted to “radically transform America’. He did his best to ruin it and Hillary would have made it even worse. His gift to us? Record poverty, doubled our debt, gutted our military, alienated all our allies, appeased all our adversaries and enemies as they advanced, record low anemic economic growth etc. Thank God America wised up. The White House, both Houses of congress, 2/3rds of all Governors and 900 new republican Sate Legislators since Obama too office. Democrat vs Republican is NOT just a debate between parties.
Obama in Germany, which has open borders is being overrun by raping Syrian violent refugees, is praised by Obama as a model for us. He praises his job as Prez, despite record poverty, riots, gutted military, alienated military, all our adversaries advancing, record anemic growth etc. The United Republican government we now have is our only chance to save the West. Trump is not the danger. Trump and the Republicans are our only chance to make it. Democrats are: Obama, leader of the ALT LEFT, worst president ever and Hillary would have made it even worse. (
Both mentored by radical Saul Alinksy and sponsored by Nazi lover multi billionaire George Soros, whose goal is destabilize the West. Worried about the Alt Right? It is a fiction. A miniscule presence. It is the ALT LEFT that is very real in this country, and the ALT LEFT killed 150 million in 20th century, between Soviet Stalinists, Nazis and Chines Maoists
They want, among other disasters: open borders, appease radical jihadist Islam, destroy capitalism, deny free speech and free religion, confiscate guns, a weakened West. They hate Israel and Jews, minorities (hence Democrats have always been racists since slave and KKK days) and America. The came up with the catastrophic Iran deal, empowering the world’s worst terrorist nation and now their Minority Senate leader wants to name Muslim terrorists Hamas’ man in Congress, Keith Ellison, to HEAD the DNC as well as IMPORT ISIS terrorists through unvettable Syrian refugees.!!!
There can be no coexistence. Getting along is NOT the goal. Liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One and have started, attacking each nominee and his family. They have started already, funding violent rioters and beating up Trump supporters. They are dangerous. They will say and do anything, as wikleaks and Project Veritas proved in the last months, to derail our agenda to fix America and the world. They, including their propaganda arm-the media (CBS NBC ABC CNN NYTimes, NPR, Yahoo news, USA Today, Google search, Facebook etc) will Lie and Lie as they always do about what Trump does, while ignoring the moral rot and decay that is the left. Undoubtedly the evil Democrats will again con America in the future in giving them part of government. Meanwhile we have a gift. Both Houses of Congress, White House, most governors and 900 new state legislators since Obama took office. Use the gift. Meanwhile our agenda is clear. Do not get distracted. Western Civilization is back. Offense, Offense, offense. Never be defensive about Trump or let up in the battle vs the LEFT. Be strong and resolute.
Some of the horrors of our ALT LEFT:
1.       Abuse the poor. Obama gave us record poverty.
2.       Do not care about saddling our grandchildren with bankrupting debt. Obama doubled all previous debt.
3.       Do not care about keeping us safe: gutted military, appeased radical Islam, birthed Isis, fail to deport illegal alien felons, want open borders, did nothing to stop Russia/China/N. korea/ aided Iranian terror, 
4.       Saddled us with bankrupting Obamacare
5.       Aid and abet racist cop killing advocates blacklivesmatter
6.       Controlled by Nazi loving George Soros
7.       Love income INEQUALITY. It grew massively under Obamanomics.
8.       Do not care if their top candidate is a murderer, corrupt, pathological liar, bribe taker, reckless with our top secrets, abused the women her husband raped
9.       Israel haters
10.   Racist, anti-Jew, anti-Catholic, anti-Evangelical,, anti-Hispanic, as proven by Wikileaks .…/boggles-mind-decent…
11.   Funding  with violent riots protesting democratic election and killing and abusing peaceful Trump supporters
12.   Ok with their top leaders hiring thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies as proven by Project Veritas
13.   Trying to deny free speech and gun ownership
14.   The KEY to understanding American politics is this:
Democrats LOSE every ISSUE. They ruin whatever they touch So, all they have is to try and instill fear about Republicans. Their LYING narrative is :”Republicans are racists, homophobic, etc” . They tried with Reagan. They tried with Romney. They try now with Trump. The truth is the OPPOSITE. Spreading defamatory lies now about Steve Bannon.
15.   beyond disgusting: spreading “assassinate Trump and rape Melania” while making up many false claims of trump voters harassing others
Trump will drain the swamp and repair all of this

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To every Jewish Democrat write: (if you have the courage to fight evil) 
1. You lie about Israel lover Steve Bannon but ignore Hamas lover/Muslim terrorist Keith Ellison & DNC nomination while Pres. Elect Trump looks to ban Muslim Brotherhood because it is a terrorist organization, previously coddled by Obama/Hillary.. Are you lying anti-Semites too?…/anti-semitic-racist…
You defame Israel lover Steve Bannon…/the-attacks-against…
2.Trump may appoint Rudy Giuliani sec of state, who has been to Israel numerous times and is very close friends with P.M.Bibi, as is Trump. Big improvement over Israel haters Clinton and Kerry. and many of Trump's closest advisers are Jewish and all his advisers are very pro Israel.
3. Hillary was a vicious anti Semite and israel hater
4.You’re an embarrassment to Judaism and God…/left-wing-jews-are-…

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