Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What did we learn this election cycle? About Hillary, Democrats, media, nevertrumpers,

What did we learn this election cycle?
1. Hillary. KNEW she was a bribe taker and giver, worst most incompetent secretary of state ever, thoroughly corrupt, pathological liar, racist, Israel hater, Foundation spent only 6% on charity, Did NOT KNOW she was a murderer “let’s drone Assange”, reckless and negligent with our top secrets,a sexual deviant, and used their charity to pay for daughter’s wedding, Hillary: Incompetent/dangerous/horrible foreign, economic and domestic policy ideas plus a monstrous, repugnant as a person

2. Did not know that Democrat National Committee was racist, anti-Semite, hates Catholics, evangelicals, Hispanics, that so many millions are “deplorable, irredeemable” incites violence at trump rallies by paying thugs and cheated both Bernie and massive voter fraud schemes caught on tape. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/24/emails-wikileaks-real-jew-haters-democratic-party/
3. Did know know the extent to which MEDIA was =Democratic party propaganda ministry. Married to each other, fed debate questions in advance to Hillary, had stories approved by campaign, 96% donations to Hillary, 91% coverage of trump negative. LOST ANY CREDIBILITY they had left.
4. People I had admired are incredibly stupid and foolish, the NEVERTRUMPERS: Medved, Jennifer Rubin, Brett Stephens, Jon Podhoretz, Glenn Beck, Bush family, Romney, Jonathan Tobin, Bill Kristol. They have destroyed their reputations
5. Learned nothing knew about Obama. Just confirmed what a lying, dangerous, pitiful snake and disastrous president he is. Obama worst president ever. Corrupt Hillary applauds this disaster and doubles down in it. Listen to 3 minutes of how Obama decimated USA https://www.facebook.com/JonathanGinsb/videos/10154472003795837/
6. How Obama/Hillary CORRUPTED IRS, FBI, EPA, Justice dept., State dept.,

7. How powerful the “drain the swamp” movement is.
8. How woefully ignorant Democratic voters are: Obamacare disaster, Iran deal, record poverty, record poor economic growth, more businesses failing than opening,, loss 70,000 factories, all our adversaries advancing, all our allies alienated, and they stuilkl vote for the morons.

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