Monday, November 14, 2016

These violent protests are just what the left always does

These violent protests are just what the left always does. "Agitation and street violence are not aberrations but key features of the Left, which always and everywhere seeks to overthrow the traditional order. Jacobins, Anarchists, Fascists, National Socialists, Communists, and 'Progressives' of every stripe are all cut from the same totalitarian cloth. 1789 France, 1848 Europe, Kropotkin's Russia, 1905-1917 Russia, 1910 Mexico, 1922 Italy, 1932 Germany, 1948 Greece, 1968 America, 2005 Venezuela, 2016 America, the road goes on and on. Until, that is, Leftism achieves power. Then, the mask comes off. Any traces of protest and dissent are squelched, often brutally. The Left exists to wield total power over the lives of all, and when it fails, the anger is bitter and overwhelming, as we are seeing, and increased violence is the predictable result.". Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, their all the damn same...left wing and have nots trying to disrupt our everyday lives ..Some Professional agitators financed by ultra left wing groups

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