Tuesday, November 29, 2016

another Muslim, another terrorist attack here

Isis says use Car as weapons. Alquida encourages random knife attacks. Israel has had both. Obama brings in 44000 Muslim Somali refugees. Several have been involved in terrorist activities. Yesterday one, complaining about not enough Muslim prayer rooms, drives his car into crowd and starts stabbing those who ran over to see if he was ok. PC morons still debating if it was terrorism. Democrats are blaming gun control except that it was a gun that SAVED people here by shooting the terrorist. Hillary wanted to bring in tens of thousands Muslim refugees who we cannot vet. Obama had brought in one million muslims, mostly from jihadist nations. 25% USA Muslims admit to supporting violent jihad. No Muslim nation will take any refugees. They obviously understand reality whereas our Democrats do not. Insane Democrats only care about votes, not keeping us safe

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