Friday, November 11, 2016

The protesters have it backwards;The nazi behavior is from DEMOCRATS.

The protesters have it backwards;

These RIOTS are the direct result of Obama/Hillary rhetoric and paid for by Hillary’s top donor, George Soros and based on lies.. Obama still attacking Trump through his spokespeople. The nazi behavior is from DEMOCRATS. Proven below with links.

Millions voted 2x for Obama and voted now for Trump. They are racist?

A. BIG LIE of evil Democrats: “Trump is Nazi, racist, anti-Semite etc, inhuman, unfit”. Spread from the top by corrupt, lying, racist, anti-Semitic, murderous, bribe taking, incompetent Hillary and Obama and cohorts. Many of these rioters are anarchists who want to destroy our republic.

B. Wikileaks and Project Veritas undercover operation PROVES, directly from the mouths of top Democrats they are racist anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, made fun of Hispanics. (1) Hillary called half of trump supporter’s irredeemable deplorables, while urging nazi-like tactics vs trump-hiring thugs to incite violence. (2)

C. Trump: billionaire, successful developer, raised amazing children, 30 years in public life and never one complaint about racism etc. Hires thousands of minorities and women, many as executives, who adore him. He NEVER mocked the disabled. (3) Media aids and abets these atrocious LIES (4) Hillary is the lifetime anti-Semite. (5)

D. It is a great day for America, world peace, our allies. America and world were in jeopardy. Record poverty, doubled debt, gutted military, collapsing health system, riots, businesses closing, enemies advancing etc. We dodged a bullet not electing lying, corrupt, incompetent, murderous, reckless, treasonous. Islamic terror loving monster Hillary, while electing a team that will do so much to fix our economy, stop record poverty, rebuild military, protect our rights, control our enemies etc. The racist accusations about Trump are classic Democratic lies. That is what they always try to con voters.. Saudis and Wall Street want their multi million bribes refunded. Thank God America got it right.

Who Wins? Who loses with Trump?

73 reasons electing Hillary would have wrecked USA and world

Obama worst President ever Americans suffer under Obama





5. Hillary is a vicious lifetime anti-Semite and racist, Israel hater, pro-Islamic jihad

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