Friday, November 4, 2016

Obama has had a completely failed presidency. He is asking us to hire worst ever Secretary of state in history

Obama has had a completely failed presidency. Doubled debt, record poverty, gutted military, Isis born and spread to 30 nations, IRS abuse, Obamacare collapsing etc. Hillary will extend this disaster. Boggles the mind a decent person could vote Democratic. The stench of moral rot and disastrous policies is not just Hillary. It is the entire Democratic Party. 70 reasons to oppose Hillary: Murder, theft, corruption, lying, obstructing justice, incompetency, bribes, treason, deviancy.

After 8 years: record poverty, he doubled all previous debt, Obamacare built on lies is imploding, Iran has $150 billion more to reign terror, Isis born and spread to 30 nations including here, Russia, China and N. Korea challenging us, record low labor participation rate, low home ownership, more businesses closing than opening, record regulations, highest world corporate tax rate driving businesses away, race riots, murder rate rising dramatically, all our allies alienated, military gutted, IRS used to persecute opponents,

He is asking us to hire worst ever Secretary of state in history. Completely incompetent job. Everything Hillary touched she ruined and made worse. Hillary has accomplished 4 amazing things in 46 years of govt. service: despite a lifetime of scandals, lies, corruption, treason, abusing and threatening  the women her husband raped, incompetency, racism, inciting violence, negligence: 1.she stayed out of jail so far 2. Amassed hundreds of millions of $ despite working for government 3. Had our deepest national secrets hacked by 5 foreign intelligence services 4. aided world disintegration and spread of Islamic terror. Good Job Hillary.  And now facing indictment for many felonies, including treason.
Trump: Secure borders/lower taxes/cut regulations/kill Iran deal/kill Obamacare/destroy Isis/constitutionalist on Supreme court, safeguard guns, law and order/rebuild military/rebuild infrastructure/grow economy/rebuild trust in Justice and FBI, IRS/allow in only safe refugees/put America first/rebuild trust with allies/control our adversaries/

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