Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary helps isis

Let’s recap the facts. All of this is verifiable, just look it up.
1. obama and hillary armed, trained, and funded al Qaeda in Syria to take out Assad. (How many times has the US armed a rebel force to take out a government? Also, there are internet rumors that US operatives may have supplied sarin gas to rebels to create a false-flag event, making it look like Assad “gassed his own people”, which is the propaganda machine’s reason given for our involvement there, and why Assad is such a bad guy.) 2. obama pulls out of Iraq, ordering the military to break protocol and not destroy everything left behind, leaving 2400 Humvees and a mountain of arms, easily enough to run a war. 3. “Rebels” (al Qaeda) move in and take the arms. “ISIS” appears at that exact time. 4. More than once, the US has “accidentally” air-dropped supplies to ISIS that were meant for “refugees”. 5. US pilots complained that obama would not let them bomb ISIS targets. 6. When we do bomb an ISIS stronghold, they are given advance notice, so we don’t kill anyone of importance. 7. Then Russia moves in and starts killing hundreds of ISIS soldiers per day. 8. obama immediately begins aggressive action toward Russia; propaganda machine runs stories on Russia being bad guys. Lots of saber-rattling and threats to each others’ forces. 9. Russia calls home all foreign diplomats and students; runs a nuclear war drill with 40 million civilians. 10. This week, Russia moved an aircraft carrier into Syria. 11. Leaked emails show Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS. 12. clinton foundation sends 1.8 billion into Qatar. 13. Now this. Hillary’s direct connection with ISIS via Qatar and Saudi Arabia (who has given $25 million to the clinton foundation). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca2... What have I missed? Is it so hard to connect the dots?

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