Friday, November 18, 2016

Obama said in 2008 he wanted to “radically transform America’. He did his best to ruin it

Obama said in 2008 he wanted to “radically transform America’. He did his best to ruin it and Hillary would have made it even worse. His gift to us? Record poverty, doubled our debt, gutted our military, alienated all our allies, appeased all our adversaries and enemies as they advanced, record low anemic economic growth etc. Thank God America wised up. The White House, both Houses of congress, 2/3rds of all Governors and 900 new republican Sate Legislators since Obama too office. Democrat vs Republican is NOT just a debate between parties. The Left/Democrats/MEDIA represent a serious danger to Western Civilization. Both mentored by radical Saul Alinksy and sponsored by Nazi lover multi billionaire George Soros, whose goal is destabilize the West. Worried about the Alt Right? It is a fiction. A miniscule presence. It is the ALT LEFT that is very real in this country. It was the ALT LEFT, through Soviet Stalinists, Nazis and Chinese Maoists, that killed 150 million in 20th century,
The United Republican government we now have is our only chance to save the west. Trump is not the danger. Trump and the Republicans are our only chance to make it. Democrats are the danger. Most Democrats do not realize they are being conned by the ALT LEFT. (
There can be no coexistence. Getting along is NOT the goal. Liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One and have started, attacking each nominee and his family. They will say and do anything, as wikleaks and Project Veritas proved in the last months, to derail our agenda to fix America and the world. They, including their propaganda arm-the media (CBS NBC ABC CNN NYTimes, NPR, Yahoo news, USA Today, Google search, Facebook etc) will Lie and Lie as they always do about what Trump does, while ignoring the moral rot and decay that is the left. Meanwhile our agenda is clear. Do not get distracted. Western Civilization is back. Offense, Offense, offense. Never be defensive about Trump or let up in the battle vs the LEFT. Be strong and resolute.

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