Saturday, November 19, 2016

Memo to Leftists. . ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. You had your chance. 8 years of disaster with Obama

     Memo to Leftists:
You had your chance. 8 years of disaster with Obama. Record poverty. Worst ever anemic growth, More businesses close than open. Gutted military. riots. racial discord. Alienated allies. Isis born and flourishes. all our adversaries flourish, nightmare of Obamacare sold on lies, Catastrophic Iran deal sold on lies. Then you nominate a thoroughly corrupt, lying, psychotic bribe taking, woman abusing murderer. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Trump won the whole country but loony tune leftist West Coast, corrupt bankrupt Illinois, NY and New Jersey basically. You lost the Congress, White House, 2/3rds Governors and 900 legislators because of your disaster. America does not care what you think anymore. You have no leverage. Let the adults take over.
     Memo to the rest of the country: The ALT LEFT, media, + leftist Academia will NEVER give up. They are like leftists everywhere. They are very dangerous. We can never give up either. Keep defending the United Republican congress and let them fix America and the world. They are going further left, picking Hamas terrorist man in Congress, Keith Ellison, as chair of the Dem Party+ letting Pocahontas Elizbeth Warren set the agenda.

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