Friday, December 16, 2016

Brief about the hacks

A. Wikileaks revealed 1. collusion between media and Hillary 2. Hillary rigged election vs Bernie 3. DNC leadership racist, homophobic, anti-Hispanic, anti-semitic 4. Huma was worried about Hillary's mental state 5. DNC was worried about Hillary's illegal email set up
B. NO EVIDENCE Russia had anything to do with it. Assang of Wikileaks says flatly Russia had nothing to do with leaks.
C. No one suggests anyone hacked into actual VOTES.
D. Obama corrupted FBI, IRS, and Obama appointee CIA chief turns out voted for COMMUNIST PARTY in college.

D. Conclusions. 1. Decent Democrats should be mortified about their party as proven by leaks. 2. This is obviously another Hillary/Obama effort to subvert nation's will and do coup against Trump. Hillary said, when she thought she could win, anyone who questioned validity of election was unpatriotic.

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