Monday, December 12, 2016

Fascists keep trying to delegitimize Trump, to no avail

Fascist liberals can't handle democracy. So they riot, disrupt traffic, threaten move to Canada, next threaten assassination, college students need therapy,  threaten electors, argue Hillary won popular vote even though popular vote irrelevant to our system, try recounts and now on to Russian hacking. Accuse Trump of chaotic transition until he smashed speed records for appointments. Accuse him of sexism and racism in picks until he has more women and minorities so far than any. Accuse him of picking bigots until that proven false. Accuse him of too many generals until reminded how many Obama picked. Every day another ridiculous accusation to try and delegitimize. Meanwhile his polls soar among Democrats and independents and stock market hits record after record. Bring on the nonsense while he drains the swamp and they pick Hamas' man in Congress, Ellison, to head DNC.

1 comment:

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