Monday, December 19, 2016

Democratic LIES about election continue:

Democratic LIES about election continue:
1. Bill Clinton: Trump knows ‘how to get angry, white men to vote for him’. His lying narrative is "racist, misogynist, bigoted Trump won only because of massive surge of white, uneducated people." ALL WRONG. 1. he is none of those things. 2. Trump won because of black, hispanic, women, asian vote. Only 1% better than Romney with whites. Trump lost college educated by only a couple of % . + We now know millions of people who voted for Obama 2x, voted Trump. How does that make them racist?
2. Obama Hillary was not treated fairly by press and the russians hacked. Truth? Media overwhelmingly FOR Hillary.
3. Hillary lost because
a. Trump has better ideas. All her ideas are horrible.
she was doubling down on worst presidency ever and America wanted change from that.
b. Many Americans knew the defamation of trump were lies.
c. many Americans knew corrupt, lying, psychotic Hillary is a criminal.

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