Wednesday, December 21, 2016

D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T. Remember last 3 letters=RAT

D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T. Remember last 3 letters=RAT
-D elusional: they believe their policies help, but actually hurt everyone and everything. World and USA population much worse off after 8 Obama disastrous years.
-E conomics horrible. 8 years of Obama=record poverty, growing income inequality. More businesses fail than start. Double all previous debt. Worst EVER anemic economic growth over 8 years
-M urder rate skyrockets because of anti-police rhetoric. Military gutted
-O bama disaster. Obama was worst US Prez ever and Hillary doubled down on his disastrous presidency.
-C linton: lying, corrupt, psychotic, incompetent Hillary was the best they could offer. Change from Obama disaster. That is why Trump won. 65% wanted different policies
-R acist. They are the ones always seeing things by color. They have always historically been racists. Slave owners, KKK. Segregationists. Fought civil rights. Now their welfare policy keep minorities enslaved to government. Regulations: massive new ones kill business
-A llies all alienated by Obama, our tyrannical enemies and adversaries all flourish: Iran, Russia, China, N Korea, Cuba
-T hugs. Organized by White house, hire thugs to incite violence at trump rallies, to riot after election, to riot after Furgeson and Baltimore
-S Soros, former nazi lover then KGB operative, Hillary #3 top donor, financier of riots at Furgeson, election riots, and of many nefarious Democratic plots.

Why did trump win? Not racism, Russians, FBI, etc. POLLS show Trump was preferred. 1. Economy 2. National security and terrorism. 3. Change from Obama policies. Let Democrats live in LA la land and blame everything but the truth. They'll just keep on losing. Since Obama, they lost Presidency, both Houses of Congress, 2/3rds Governors now GOP, and lost 900 State legislators. America has woken up. BUT Left will never stop trying to regain power. They will say and do anything to get it. Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

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