Monday, December 19, 2016

Obama created, and Soros funded JStreet, is reprehensible

Jstreet created by obama to undermine israel. If J Street did not exist, Obama would have to invent it. In fact, it is widely perceived that George Soros did just that for the president, creating an anti-Israel, allegedly pro-Israel advocacy organization that would split pro-Israel support in the Jewish community. For years, Ben-Ami denied that Soros was generously supporting the organization. And even when this deception could not continue, Ben-Ami created the red herring that he meant Soros neither founded the organization nor was its major supporter. J Street has a long and perfidious record when it comes to Israel. If there is a position that works against the continued existence of the Jewish state, count on J Street to support it. That in itself should lead to a rejection of anything J Street has to say. They should have been kicked out of the Jewish communal tent long ago. The continued presence of J Street in the Jewish communal structure is an offense against common decency and as much a threat to Israel's future as Obama's Middle East policies.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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