Monday, December 19, 2016

Key for US-Israel relationship? Elect Republicans

Key for US-Israel relationship? Elect Republicans
Many say Obama's goal was to make Israel a partisan issue. republicans for, democrats against. He succeeded. 
For those who understand Obama's Iran deal as catastrophic, fascinating that 20 years of Aipac lobbying, and coddling Democrats did NOTHING to stop the deal. Iran deal was virtually top of the agenda at every Aipac conference I attended for a decade, and it did nothing except expose Aipac as paper tiger, sadly. Electing Trump is the key to everything positive for Israel and the end to jihadist appeasement. Bibi is thrilled. Iran is scared. Trump's son-in-law Kushner's parents are big donors to Judea/Samaria settlements. Trump is surrounding himself with advisors and cabinet guys VERY pro israel. Democrats have been exposed, and now naming Hamas' man in Congress, Keith Ellison, head of DNC, (and backed by the Jewish anti-Israel group JStreet) seals the proof. Want to help Israel? Better to put your time in electing Republicans. Hillary would have been a nightmare for Israel. Continuing to support Democrats, (42/45 Dem senators supported genocidal iran deal) is an ANTI-Israel act.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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