Monday, December 12, 2016

In discussion with young Jewish person getting masters at U Chicago in Middle Eastern Studies.

In discussion with young Jewish person getting masters at U Chicago in Middle Eastern Studies. She said "Bible not relevant to the topic". I said Bible is the basis of the topic. Then she blamed Israel 100% for the failure to have "peace" with Palestinians. 
1. Stumped completely when I asked her "do you admit Prime Minsters Barack and Omert offered the West Bank as a State to the Palestinians and each was turned down and an intifada started, so how is it Israel's fault?" 
2. Stumped when I said "you do know that JORDAN is 2/3rd of mandated Palestinian, it itself, is a new , made up country and 2/3rds of its citizens are "Palestinians" and King Hussein is from a carbetbagger family from Saudi Arabia. Why should there be 2 Palestinian states?" Silence.
3. Stumped when I asked if she had read "from Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters PROVING virtually all "Palestinians" were descendants of recent immigrants to the area who came only when the saw the Zionist made the land blossom and had NO historic connection the the land.
4. Stumped when I asked her when Arab Palestinians began as a people and prove it was before 1940.
5. After admitting Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state, and that Abbas would not agree to that, and encourages and rewards murderers of jews, and that Hamas openly wanted Israel destroyed, she was stumped when I asked her to reconcile that with her statement that this is Israel's fault.
6. Stumped when I told her that if West Bank goes to Palestinian state, Israel would be 9 miles wide and militarily indefensible.
What is she "learning" in her masters program? As a U of C grad, very disappointed. She hugged me and told me good t get 'another perspective". SCARY.

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