Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What has happened here is happening all through the West

What has happened here is happening all through the West., Leftists/Democrats, have been exposed as dangerous, advocating horrible policies and are being rejected in country after country. " See the WSJ piece below. Another critical article in WSJournal today explains that our leftists will attack Trump and Republicans no matter what he does. See Holman Jenkins piece on A President is Always Conflicted. ( "Their plan is to spend the next 4 years deriding and delegitimizing anything Trump does..." Even as Trump reaches out to them, we need to know Democrats are the main enemy. They will try to keep America weak, poor, dangerous, just as Obama did. Thank God they gave been temporarily defeated, but the Alt Left never gives up. We have to keep Democrats out of power. They have fascistic goals to curb speech rights, Gun rights, religious freedom etc. That's why Obama loved Chavez, Castro, Muslim Brotherhood terrorists etc.The Obama legacy will be losing both chambers of congress, adding 10 trillion in debt, destroying healthcare, & dividing a nation.
A great new day has dawned but it requires constant vigilance.
list terror attacks under Obama


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