Monday, December 12, 2016

Have to read scathing Judge denial of recount effort in Pennsylvania.

Have to read scathing Judge denial of recount effort in Pennsylvania. 
John Hinderacker quotes the judge: 
"there is no credible evidence that any “hack” occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised. Moreover, Plaintiffs’ lack of standing, the likely absence of federal jurisdiction, and Plaintiffs’ unexplained, highly prejudicial delay in seeking a recount are all fatal to their claims for immediate relief. Further, Plaintiffs have not met any of the requirements for the issuance of a mandatory emergency injunction. Finally, granting the relief Plaintiffs seek would make it impossible for the Commonwealth to certify its Presidential Electors by December 13 (as required by federal law), thus inexcusably disenfranchising some six million Pennsylvania voters. For all these reasons, I am compelled to refuse Plaintiffs’ request for injunctive relief."
Ouch. Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton, who supported the recount attempt, should be embarrassed if they are not, at this point, beyond embarrassment.
Thus does one aspect of the Democratic Party’s post-election freakout come to an ignominious end.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg
Esynagogue/Rodfei kodesh

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