Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to handle Democrats: HOW CAN YOU BE A DEMOCRAT WHEN:

How to handle Democrats:


1.       Obama leaves us with RECORD POVERTY. Don’t you care about the poor?
2.       Obamanomics Doubled all previous DEBT of 43 prior presidents? Don’t you care about your grandchildren having to pay it back?
3.       VIOLENCE/THUGS. Hired thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies. Threatened Trump electors with death
4.       Your candidate left our top secrets exposed on her personal server, took hundreds millions bribes from world’s worst nations, lied repeatedly about her emails?
5.       Obama and Hillary wants to endanger your children by letting in unvettable Muslims which do include Isis terrorists, as in Europe?
6.       Wiklieaks proves top DNC leadership made fun of Catholics, gays, Jews, blacks, Hispanics. How can you condone this racism?
7.       Your candidate led campaign to abuse the women her husband raped and abused?
8.       Under Obama/Hillary, all our adversaries and enemies flourished: Iran, N. Korea, Isis, Alquida,
Russia, China? Obama gutted our military to dangerously low levels Don’t you care about a free and safe world?
9.       Obama used IRS to abuse private citizens and organizations with which he disagreed?

10.    They claim we’re racists even though we : 2x elected black President, have black Senators, congressmen, 

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