Thursday, December 1, 2016

from "make America as weak and divided as possible" to "make America great again."

Jan 20 we go from "make America as weak and divided as possible" to "make America great again." We've started already. Failed Democrats response? Double down on their colossal failure by making Nation of Islam and Hamas' man in Congress, radical leftist Keith Ellison, to head their Party.
Obama worst president ever and we face real danger form the ALT LEFT.…/their-worried-about…

Obama hands Trump disaster after worst presidency ever.
Obama will spend time trying to convince voters to vote Dem. Really? after this disaster?
To assess Trump presidency, we need to know starting point. At the end of Obama's worst ever presidency, we have 1. Record poverty 2. Increase in income inequality 3. Gutted military 4. IRS abusing conservative citizens 5. VA unfixed 6. More businesses closing than opening 7. Historic low labor participation rate 8. Doubling all previous debt to $20 Trillion 9. Social security and Medicare not made more solvent 10. Deterioration of infrastructure 11. Massive spread Islamic terror 12. Russia, China, n Korea more aggressive. Trump inherits most dangerous world since Reagan took over.13.Middle East under Iran hegemony 14. Obamacare disaster 15. Iran deal catastrophe 16. Historic poor economic growth over 8 years etc. 17. Democrats DNC exposed as anti-Semites, racists, bigots through wikileaks. 18. World's highest corporate tax rate. 19. Record flood of business killing regulations. 20. Flood illegal aliens. 21. Killing of cops. 22. Race riots. 23. Appointed radical leftists to Supreme and Federal Judgeships. 24. Job killing restrictions on production of American energy. 25. rising murder rates across American cities. Let's see after 8 how Trump improves all this. He will DRAIN THE SWAMP. /
+++Democratic NONSENSE that Trump won because he appealed to racists

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