Saturday, December 17, 2016

Greatest pro Israel moves. Aipac loses relevance

From Eitan
You gotta love the NY Times with it's sensationalist language ("Hard-Liner"...hahaha)
JStreet and AIPAC will be looking for their safe spaces  now that the "real" pro-Israel movement has executed the Trifecta:
1) Immediately prior to its July Convention, the GOP Platform Committee upgraded its Israel policy substantially by strenthening the Jerusalem Embassy language and, more importantly, eliminating references to the unrealistic and harmful "two-state solution", a phrase that was largely created during the dreaded Oslo accords era. (Special thanks to SC State Rep. and "brother" Alan Clemmons for making this happen.)
Finally, the clearly pro-Israel party has a platform that reflects its affinity for the Jewish Nation-State, and is in sharp contrast to the Democratic Party's platform...I wonder what Keith Ellison has in mind for this issue?
After Obama is out of office, we will no longer have to listen to PM Netanyahu pretend to go along with this concept that he personally and openly opposed a decade ago as a Likud party leader, but that he was pressured to accept following Obama's coronation...The new language is a direct recognition that the thriving Jewish communites in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria are part of biblical, historical and geopolitical Israel, and not of the make-believe nation of Palestine that exists primaryily in the minds of misinformed liberals.
2) Americans finally elected a Republican, VERY pro-Israel President with strong personal Jewish ties right in his own family
3) Said President has appointed as Ambassador to Israel an observant Jew who loves the Communities mentioned in #1 above as well as the need to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, as had been prescribed in the bipartisan Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.
Folks, it's hard to imagine any better scenario than this for the pro-Israel Community...
Yet, in spite of it all, an AIPAC email solicitation sent last week listed as the second of the organization's four priorities a committment to working toward a two-state solution. Where are they getting their information? Perhaps an imaginary Clinton Administration they so longed for???
On a related note, preventing a nuclear Iran was moved back to #3.

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