Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The answer to Obama, Kerry, NYTimes and the world

Kerry says if Israel does not adopt his (suicide) plan, they can't be Jewish and Democratic. What is becoming clear is one can no longer be an Israel supporter and a Democrat. Democrat NY rep. Dov Hikind today "I'm ashamed to be a Democrat".
The answer to Obama, Kerry, NYTimes and the world. Obama LEADS JACKALS at UN in undermining Israel. Peace CANNOT work with an entity that simply wants you destroyed. Palestinians never wanted “peace’. All is a step towards destruction of Israel, stealing Jewish land and killing as many Jews as possible. Anything else is DELUSIONAL. Jewish blood will no longer be so cheap. There is NO DIFFERENCE between isis, Al Quidaa, Hezbollah, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad Hamas and Palestinian Authority + 60 other offshoots.. They are all Islamic terrorists. says "Israel stay strong until jan 20". He is quoting the Torah "hazak veematz be strong and of good courage

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