Friday, December 23, 2016

Obama/Antiochus VS Trump/Judah Maccabeaus. A great miracle has happened here.

Obama/Antiochus VS Trump/Judah Maccabeaus
To all the Jewish MORONS who call Trump Hitler, UNDERSTAND, the Jewish people have had a new miracle. Every day that goes by we see that out with the old year goes the worst President ever for USA, and worst for Israel. If you have the courage, and care about the truth, watch this video and see the evidence.
And being replaced by an administration that shows every day it will be the BEST pro-Israel administration ever.
Tomorrow night marks 2181 years, in 165 BCE, since Judah Maccabeus drove off the enemy Greek Syrians, led by evil Antiochus, who were endangering Jews, and Chanukah came into being. We celebrate that miracle with a bracha “Blessed Are thou God, King of the Universe, who made miracles for our ancestors at that time, in this season."
Sadly the Maccabi story did not end well. 00 years later, Romans conquered Judea and ended Jewish sovereignty. Israel faces
many evil forces, among them the American Democrats, including leftist jews who backed evil Obama.

FACTUALLY: Obama WORST President EVER. Democrats do not care about facts. Only “feelings”.

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