Friday, October 23, 2015

A terrible week for Democrats: LIES about libya proven, corrupt Dep justice shown, blames Jews as Jews are murdered,

A terrible week for Democrats
1. Hillary’s lies exposed at hearings on Libya. My question is why the Republicans were afraid to use the word “LIE”?  Each one should have asked: “Mrs. Clinton, why did you consistently LIE about Benghazi being caused by a video, when the emails clearly demonstrate you KNEW right away it was an organized terrorist attack?” + 4 other big LIES. The obstacle to overcome is the mainstream media, totally an advocate for Hillary.
A world on fire because of Obama/Hillary/Kerry’s refusal to fight Islamic terrorism, and the American people need to realize it.  and now because of Obama/Hillary acts, Europe is being invaded by Islamic young men.
2. Obama had said there is not a “smidgen” of evidence of scandal about the IRS. The Department of Justice, under his control, just today said there will be no prosecutions of Lois Lerner or anyone else, even though the evidence is overwhelming Obama’s administration used the IRS to harass and discriminate against conservative and pro-Israel groups. My question: The Dept. of Justice is not in the Constitution. It was set up by an act of Congress. When you have a totally corrupt President who uses it as a political tool, why isn’t there a movement to make it independent? t
3. Jews being killed in Israel. Isis today says they will kill Jews everywhere. Hamas sends out video “not one Jew will be alive.” Iran says no Israel in 25 years, and Obama/Kerry/Media keep telling Israel to stop overreacting, calls opponents of the genocidal Iran deal “crazies”.  Obama has consistently aided and abetted islamic jihad. 229+ examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
.  No surprise obama vetoed the DEFENSE bill approproiation
4. Americans will gradually ask "Why would anyone vote Democratic who is not simply voting to keep their government free stuff." ? After the Democratic debate, the  Wall Street Journal observed "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.” And Hillary aims to continue this disaster and exacerbates it. Hillary is VERY DANGEROUS, unethical, lying, radical, pro-Islamic , long history of ANTI-Israel views except when she wants money and votes,  untrustworthy PERSON. Voting for Hillary is a sexist act. Voting for her can’t be for any valid reason.

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