Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Israeli technology, feeding the world: fish farm innovation

Israeli technology, feeding the world: Fishing is central to the food security of 200 million people worldwide, But according to UN, over 80 percent of the world’s fish species are either fully or over exploited, or depleted.The alternative to overfishing has been the development of “fish farms” usually set up near water sources and coast. They have been around for years. but these farms also have limitations. While they enhance the conservation of fish in the sea, fish farms are environmental hazards because of the waste generated by the fish, such as nitrogen, which is then dumped into the sea. Israeli company GFA offers a solution to the geographical and environmental constraints of fish farms: They created a way to run fish farms anywhere, even in extreme conditions like the desert, with no damage to the environment. GFA has developed an on-land environment where fish can be raised, without having to exchange water or treat it chemically. The system can be set up to raise salt-water fish anywhere in the world – even in the desert, thousands of miles from the ocean,” he said. ‪#‎israel‬ ‪#‎aquaculture‬ ‪#‎feedtheworld‬

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