Monday, October 12, 2015

When will Jewish Democrats realize the truth? Leftism is horrible for everyone, and they hate israel.

When will Jewish left realize? The main view of the left;  Jews/Israel are always wrong and have no right to protect themselves. Barbarian jihadist are always right. Talmud calls it Olam hafuch. Upside down world. Democratic polices hurt everyone, especially the poor.

Democratic policies:
Democrats policies ruin everything they touch. They mistake "compassion" for policies that actually help people. They do so much damage. Had a liberal today blaming our  record poverty and doubling of all previous accumulated debt under Obama on, not Bush, but Reagan!
 Just the latest foolish and dangerous Democratic policies:
3. terrorism
Responding to other ridiculous Democratic talking points
Democrats do not keep us safe
Obama says
1. Syrian refugees =Mayflower people
Response: Mayflower had 13% supporters of Isis? Translates to 1300 of the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama wants to bring in this year. All our intelligence services say we CANNOT vet them.  25% USA CURRENT Muslims support violent jihad. 80% are military age men, not child orphans. Obama is just LYING!  Ask Why do the Democrats want to endanger Americans by bringing in more Muslim refugees?
The many lies Obama tells about the refugees

2. Left says Syrian refugees=Jews fleeing Hitler watch
It is a morally perverse  analogy
3. They think the answer to terrorism is  gun control. Response: we need MORE guns out there to defend ourselves vs Isis murderers and criminals. Make guns harder to get, only Isis and criminals will have them.  If they say “can we agree people on no fly lists shouldn’t have? Response: Obama can put anyone he wants on no fly list and there is no appeal. Clever way to get political opponents not to have guns.
4. They say Terrorism caused by climate change. Obama going to Climate change conference is best answer to Isis. Laugh. and then Barack Obama says he will “rebuke” ISIS by attending a global climate conference in Paris next week.Obama willing to create world-wide depression and make it impossible for poor African nations to ever get out of poverty, through imposition of draconian economy busting new environmental regulations for the small chance that oceans will not rise 1/10 of an inch 200 years from now. And that is supposed to scare Isis how?
5. You ask Why Obama/Hillary have done nothing to slow Isis and al quida.
7. because Obama is a jihadist. Hundreds of examples:

8. If they stoop to blaming Bush, explain
Democrats caused the 2008 recession and the subsequent problems
9. If they say Obama has been a good president
Obama is the worst Prez in US history (50 reasons) and Hillary will be worse
10. If they say they will vote for Hillary: Why would you suport the most corrupt person ever to run for president?
Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president and  pro-Islamic jihadist and anti-israel
a. .
b. the record is clear that U.S. foreign policy collapsed on Clinton’s watch and the world is a far more dangerous and far less free place as a result.
11. If they bring up college campuses, say the colleges are caving in to PC and ruining our youth.
12. if they say police are gunning down blacks. a. 90% black deaths caused by blacks in Democratic run cities, because of Democratic welfare polices destroying black families, lead to more gang activity. see point 5 above
13. If Israel comes up and some idiot says it is Israel's fault

14. if they bemoan racial tension, respond a. Obama has been president 7 years b. Obama is behind it on purpose.

Truths on Israel and peace
1. No matter what Israel does, the world will still condemn her. 90% of the UN's anti nation resolutions condemn Israel. Assad kills 250,000 of his own people in Syria and the world yawns. Israel tries to defend itself against barbarian jihadists and the world protests.
2. It does not matter to the world that Israel's army is the most ethical ever to fight, and they are fighting against barbarians who do not care at all if they commit any kind of war crime.
3. No matter what Israel does, the Arab/Muslim  world will never accept a Jewish state. Islamic theology forbids it. 42 Democratic Senators supported Obama's genocidal Iran deal, despite them stating every day Israel will not exist in 25 years.
4. No matter what Israel does, "Palestinians will never sign a final agreement with Israel to end all conflict. No leader could do that and live.
5. Anti-Semitism will never disappear until the Messianic era.
6. Jews are by far the  most productive people in the world per capita. It does not matter how many nobel prize winners Jews have, or how much of the items we rely on daily came from Jewish brains, the world will turn a blind eye to Iran or Isis nuking 6.3 million Jews in Israel and killing every Jew in the diaspora they can find.
7. The Jewish left will never be accepted by the rest of the left. Golda Meir was stunned when the socialist nations of the world did not embrace Israel, then a socialist state, in the late 40s and early 50s. Anti-Semitism trumps socialist brotherhood. Today at Bernie Sanders rallies, there is deafening silence when he mentions Israel's right to exit. Jerusalem was booed at the Democratic 2012 convention by the majority of delegates.
8. BDS is not about boycotting.  It is about the end of Israel. Muslim student groups are funded and driven by Moslem Brotherhood terrorists. CAIR and other supposedly "civic" Muslim groups often have deep terrorist ties. The left will always find excuses or whitewash barbarian monsters in Islam or the left. The New York Times this week even is expressing skepticism about the Jewish temples standing on the temple Mount. Guess they missed the 700 times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Hebrew bible (and 0 times in the Quran) Obama's pastor rev. Wright said this week "Jesus was a Palestinian. Guess he never read the New Testament.
9. Islam is a uniquely violent and barbaric religion. Reformation is extremely difficult.
Child rape, bestiality, beheadings, jihad, forced shariah, honor killings, female genital mutilation, fatwa ok to eat wives, Jews, Chrisitians, killed 590 million since inception
10 It does not matter ever if Jewish blood is shed.the world yawns. Guess they forgot about something called the "Holocaust".
11. Obama is a jihadist. Hillary, Biden have long histories of anti israel views. They are the enemy of freedom. Here are 217 examples of Obama's jihadist actions:
 Here are 50 concrete ways these 4 have severely weakened the USA
Evidence all 4 continually undermine and threaten Israel. Here is a timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
12. Hitler's Propaganda Minister Goebbels explained if you repeat the big lie enough, people will believe it. It is working
The biggest lies being spread:
Islam is a peaceful religion.
Obama says 99.9% of Muslims want what we want
Jews never had a Temple on the Temple Mount
Jews are interlopers in Israel
There are Palestinian moderates in leadership who would make peace with Israel if Israel was serious
Obama wants to help the American economy
Obama is fighting Isis
The Obama Iran deal is the best deal we could have achieved

This is why the psalmist wrote: Adonai oz liamo yotain Adonaia yivaraech  et amo bashalom.
God must bless us with strength first, and then with peace. Turning swords into plowshares is a nice prophetic vision of the messianic era, which HAS NOT YET ARRIVED.

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