Thursday, October 29, 2015

How can any intelligent person respect a Democrat/liberal?

Reality: We can't help the poor, middle class, blacks, women, raise the tide to lift all boats and save the world from jihad, until we get rid of Democrats in power.Top priority must be taking back the White House in 2016.
How can any intelligent person respect a Democrat/liberal? They are just stupid and/or delusional?
How ObamaBidenKerryClinton and the Democrats are radically weakening USA and strengthening worldwide Jihadism by weakening the economy, massive Islamic and illegal immigration, fomenting racial unrest, and aiding worldwide Islamic jihad, gutting our military, while not hindering Russia and China’s, including a link to 234 examples of Obama’s promotion of radical Islamic jihad. Expansion 
The get away with this because they depend on Americans to be stupid:
Hilary, if elected in 2016, will continue and exacerbate these disasters. Hillary is just as dangerous and evil  Hillary Clinton: corrupt, sandal after scandal, radical, pro-Islamic terror, anti-Israel,     

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