Sunday, October 4, 2015

We must be at philosophical WAR with liberals/progressives/Democrats

We must be at philosophical WAR with liberals/progressives/Democrats as exemplified by the Obama/Biden/Kerry/Clinton administration. They pose a GRAVE danger to the USA, Israel and the rest of the  and world.
1.They are destroying the nation’s economy, at the expense of poor, women, middle class, our children
2.They whitewash, excuse  and abet radical Islamic terrorism at the expense of Israel and the west.
     a. radical Islam is evil
     b. 215+ examples of Obama’s pro islamic  jihadism.
     c. Pushed through genocidal iran deal because Iran lobby controls Democratic party.
     d. They embrace the monster barbarians in Palestinian leadership and the BDS anti Israel movement which is actually a terrorist based plan to destroy Israel. Israel belongs to the Jews. Genocidal, barbaric Palestinians have no claim. They want to kill Jews and steal Jewish land
The BDS nazis on campuses are terrorists-in-training, funded and organized by Islamic terrorists  evil hypocrites
     e. Massive immigration to Europe is Isis predicated and caused and very dangerous. Now liberals here want to import 100,000.
3. They coddle the world’s worst brutes and tyrants and shun US allies, and foreign policy aids and abets our enemies: Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea

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