Friday, October 16, 2015

Middle East today. Tear up your old Atlas. The world Obama has helped create.

Middle East today. Tear up your old Atlas. The world Obama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry  has helped create.
(some taken from a piece by Ron Tira in the Fall issue of Jewish review of Books.)
     Nations created by Sykes (British ) and Picot (French) in secret agreement in 1916: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.  Borders were not based in geography or culture. They bound together fragments of ethnic groups they had little shared identity. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon are basically gone, and Jordan is hanging on barely. Yemen, Libya, Sudan not created by Sykes/Picot have mostly collapsed, taken over by various Islamic terrorist groups and ethnic tribes. In the breach non-state actors, (Isis, Kurds, Druze ) and non Arab nation-states (Iran and Turkey) have stepped in. This is in addition to the dozens of other Islamic terrorist groups, besides ISIS, operating in many countries: Al Quida, Taliban, Hamas, Islamic jihad etc. In the collapse of Iraq/Syria in the aftermath of our pulling out of Iraq, Isis grows. An undercover agent reports they are actively shopping for nuclear weapons and plan to kill hundreds of millions.
     There are now only 4 solidly grounded nation-states in the region: Israel, Iran (Persians)  Egypt and Turkey (Ottomon empire). The other group of sovereign entities in the region are monarchies: Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf principalities. Iran is now the dominant factor in 4 Arab former nations: Syria (propping up Assad,)  Iraq, Lebanon ( their Hezbollah proxies), and Yemen. They are also asserting themselves into Baharain, eastern Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Gaza, a host of Central Asian areas and have 40,000 agents in Latin America and a force in Canada. As a result of the Obama Iran agreement (JCPOA), Iran is rapidly expanding its power. The Obama Iran deal may end up as the biggest diplomatic scam in recent history.
    It is likely a defacto coalition of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the other monarchies have been created to react.
 Russia is now back in the region, after US kept them out of Middle East for 70 years.
One of the key issues is the Shiite-Sunni divide, a dispute dating back 1400 years, to the immediate succession after Mohammed. Iran is the dominant Shiite power. 90% world Muslims are Sunni.
Palestinians have 0 history. They are a phony people created only to weaken Israel. .
225 examples of Obama’s pro-Islamic jihad actions: :

Welcome to the new Middle East

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