Monday, October 26, 2015

In our cities, murder rates massively up.. why?

In our cities. murder rates massively up. Mostly blacks killing blacks but Blacklovesmatter movement could care less about those black lives. FBI director explains this today as a direct impact of Furgerson. Rogue police purposefully targeting to kill innocent black men is a infinitesimally small event. The real issues these radicals fail to look at, and is leading to massive murder spikes.  A black cop killed and buried today, as large group marches for "black lives matter' and give the middle finger to the police safeguarding them. 300+ cities are sanctuary cities, violating federal immigration law and we let violent criminals who are illegal immigrant stay and kill, rape, rob. Why is this happening? OBAMA! Virtually everyone is afraid to say the truth.  All part of his, and the radical left, desire for societal chaos. the evidence is overwhelming. Democrats purposefully exacerbating racial tension as taught to do so by radical Saul Alinsky  1. lie about the facts and make cops the bad guys 2. bring in professional outside agitators and have Soros pay $33 million to pay for riots. 3. Bring agitators to White House to urge them on. 4. make sure al shapton visits Obama 150 times. Hillary is a big booster  of this racist movement.

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