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Hitler's propoganda Minister Goebbels explained if you repeat the big lie enough, people will believe it. It is working

Hitler's Propaganda Minister Goebbels explained if you repeat the big lie enough, people will believe it. It is working
The biggest lies being spread:
Islam is a peaceful religion.
Obama says 99.9% of Muslims want what we want
Jews never had a Temple on the Temple Mount
Jews are interlopers in Israel
There are Palestinian moderates in leadership who would make peace with Israel if Israel was serious
Obama wants to help the American economy
Obama is fighting Isis
Attacks on Obama are based in racism
Attacks on Hillary are a right wing conspiracy


Why Islam=Violence today
While all Abrahamic faiths have violence in their histories, only Islam is responsible for 90% of the terrorism and so much of the world’s violence today. Why? The violent commands of God in the Hebrew scriptures were specific to that time and place and the sages later interpreted the text to curb the violence. The Quran on the other hand, as it commands death to the infidels, places no historical limit, so are read by Muslims to be the will of Allah for all time+ and accompany the exploits to Mohammaed mass murdering and conquering those who would not convert. This will  make a peaceful Reform of Islam extremely difficult..
     Jews are killed every day this week getting killed and attacked  by barbarian Muslims who are citizens of Israel and the world is silent, while the New York Times blames the Jews. Now it is spreading to the streets of the world.  Muslims everywhere rape, murder, demand shariah, take welfare benefits, slit throats, cut off heads, and do nothing as Egypt’s president says they must reform. Isis is expanding wildly and looking to buy nuclear material to kill hundreds of millions (so says a journalist who went undercover), and our jihadist President undercuts Israel repeatedly as he aids and abets Iran’s genocidal cries of “death to America, death to Israel.” The real problem is our jihadist president and the liberal supporters. Here are 217 examples

Majority of Palestinians just want all of Israel and Jews dead and they have ZERO claim to anything. They are are in war criminals, celebrate murder of civilians, want to kill all Jews and steal Jewish land
Hundreds of millions of Muslims, including so called “Palestinians” advocate cannibalism, (fatwas oking eating wives, Jews and Chrisitians) pedophilia, raping 7 year old girls as policy,  bestiality, violent jihadism, designs of genocide, forced imposition of shariah, raping young boys while throwing adult gay off roofs, killing 4 year old daughters for forgetting head covering. Assad kills 250,000 of his own citizens. World is silent. Huge #s of Muslims support ISIS .

EAT JEWS AND CHRISTIANS In the book “Persuasion in Resolving the Words of Abi Shoga” that takes after the Shafi school of jurisprudence, the author says a Muslim warrior may kill and eat infidel men, women and children if they were not warriors themselves. But not pigs.
Some Islamic Imams sanctions PEDIOPHILIA
Some Muslims throw gays off the roof but raping little boys is a well-accepted practice among many
 Don’t let the BDS student terrorists fool you. Palestinians are barbarians, violent terrorist jhadists with no claim to Israel’s land. How can anyone but a jihadist think they should have another terrorist nation?


Hillary is a VERY DANGEROUS, unethical, lying, radicalized, pro Islamic radicals, long history ANTI-Israel views except when she wants money and votes,  untrustworthy PERSON. Voting for Hillary is a sexist act. Can’t be for any valid reason.


Obama/the left’s BIGGEST/MOST DANGEROUS LIE? Islam is a peaceful religion. Next time someone idiot tells you that you are Islamiphobic or that Islam is peaceful, ask them what percent of Muslims support ISIS. Answer 81% by Arab poll.

1.       A phobia, by definition, must be irrational. Fearing Islam is very rational.

2.       Muslims have been EVIL since their origin. child abuse, sexual slavery, mass murder, bestiality, anti gay, anti women. NOT ALL. But many. Toll of dead? 590 million

3.       Huge # America Muslims support Shariah to replace the Constitution

4.       This includes terrorist Muslims who call themselves Palestine

Richard Baehr on the effort to say both Israel and Abbas are equally responsible for the violence? Does the PA have a strategy?‎

A third intifada has not yet been officially designated by Haaretz or The New York ‎Times or National Public Radio, though it may feel as if one is underway, when ‎over 60% of Israelis in the latest public opinion survey say they now fear for their ‎personal safety. So too, there is no evidence yet that the wave of Palestinian ‎attacks or -- new to this current campaign -- the attempted mass crossings from Gaza, ‎have peaked. ‎
Certainly, the reporting on the current events in Israel reflects old habits about ‎how most journalists cover stories of Palestinian violence and Israeli responses. ‎Two standbys always work. One is that there is "a cycle of violence" ( a pox on both ‎your houses), always leaving unclear who the original perpetrators were in an ‎individual attack or group of attacks. A second is to keep a daily scorecard of the ‎comparative body counts, especially when there are more Palestinian casualties ‎and fatalities than Israeli, courtesy of Israeli police or soldiers responding to ‎stabbing attacks, not all of which prove lethal before the attacker is neutralized. ‎This narrative leads to the inevitable charge of disproportionality, one that has ‎become the principal media assault on Israeli responses to terror emanating from ‎Gaza in recent years. As in every other instance in recent years, Haaretz is playing ‎its appointed role of feeding the many international journalists in the country with ‎the "truth in English" as it sees it, and as the international media want to receive ‎and see it, confirming all their established biases about Israel behavior. 
For Israeli ‎responses to the current violence to be "fair" and proportional, the comparative ‎Jewish and Arab body counts would need to be more in balance than in prior ‎years. When the current campaign of attacks on Israelis began, The New York Times ‎relegated the story to it its interior pages. Once a few Palestinians were killed by ‎Israeli police, the story became front page news.‎
Any attack on Arabs by an Israeli is always highlighted since it removes any ‎attempt by Israel to argue it is the victim of attacks. It also buttresses the PA's ‎charges that Israelis, whether in security roles or settlers, are willing executioners, ‎committing crimes against Palestinians. Regardless of how infrequent these individual attacks by Israelis ‎are, they serve to solidify the cycle of violence theme. The Israeli government can ‎condemn these attacks and capture the perpetrators, but it makes no difference. ‎The PA, meanwhile, will applaud the heroism of their new martyrs protecting the ‎holy places on the Temple Mount from an invasion of stinking Jewish filth.‎
The current wave of Arab attacks followed a Palestinian Authority incitement ‎campaign with language such as that above, in which President Mahmoud Abbas, ‎seemingly the president for life, though only elected to a four year term, ‎condemned Israel's campaign to change the status of the Temple Mount, for which ‎there is no evidence whatsoever. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, probably in ‎seclusion and being treated with antidepressants since being denied the Nobel ‎Peace Prize for his abject surrender to the Iranians in Geneva, has acknowledged ‎to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Americans understand there is no ‎Israeli effort underway to reshape any policy regarding behavior on the Temple ‎Mount. Kerry can probably blame Yasser Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize for the peace ‎prize medal he did not receive (and likely would not have tossed away). The ‎selection committee was probably not anxious to have the Iranians make them look ‎like fools in years to come once they violated the nuclear deal as Arafat tossed Oslo ‎aside when it was inconvenient. ‎
The naked demagoguery of Abbas' continually repeated lies about Israeli plans for ‎the Temple Mount will always have the desired affect on the many young men on ‎whom the PA can depend to take to the streets and do their part to protect the ‎‎"holy places" for a fee. While there is no consensus on the degree of PA control ‎over the attacks, the Palestinians certainly know where their rhetoric leads.‎
The question, though, is why the Palestinians have chosen this point in time to ‎overheat the situation, resulting in the loss of both Israeli and Palestinian lives.‎ 
The answer offered by most analysts so far is that the PA wanted to draw ‎international attention back to its grievances with Israel, which most basically ‎begins with the continued existence of the State of Israel. For many months, ‎relations between Israel and the United States, never very good at any time during ‎the Obama years, have become much more fractious as a result of the ‎disagreement between the two countries over the wisdom of America's ‎spearheading the effort to make all the concessions required as achieve the ‎nuclear deal with Iran by the ‎P5+1 group of nations. ‎
In prior administrations, when relations between the two countries hit a rough ‎patch over some policy disagreement, typically there was an effort made by both ‎parties to try to restore the historic relationship. In the Obama years, the White ‎House has had problems with Israel on pretty much everything -- whether to ‎impose new sanctions on Iran, inhibiting Israeli steps targeting Iran's nuclear ‎program, the nuclear deal itself, and of course the peace process with the ‎Palestinians, the breakdown of which was blamed on Israel by the administration. ‎In no prior administration has the public rhetoric and off-the-record commentary ‎about Israel and its elected leader been so consistently hostile. A boycott of Netanyahu's speech to a joint meeting of Congress was supported by the ‎administration, which pulled Vice President Joe Biden from attendance. Near a quarter ‎of all Democrats in Congress chose to observe the boycott. The administration ‎doubled down on its boycott campaign when Kerry and ‎Ambassador Samantha Power were instructed not to attend ‎Netanyahu's recent speech to the U.N. General Assembly. It makes sense that the president has never condemned the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns targeting Israel on American ‎college campuses. He would probably be leading them if he were now a student. ‎
In any case, Abbas may sense that a reconciliation between Israel and the ‎Obama administration is not at hand this time around. The obvious and petty ‎boycott of Netanyahu's speech at the U.N. certainly supports that thesis. This president ‎carries grudges. In Israel's case, he seems to have come into office carrying one. ‎With the president in full-time legacy-building mode in his last 16 months in office ‎‎(the climate treaty and executive action on gun control are next up), it is hard to ‎believe that he will simply accept defeat and an inability to influence the Israeli-‎Palestinian conflict in the time he has left. ‎
Abbas has resorted to the strategy that always works to get his cause back in the ‎news -- get some of his people killed by Israel, and blame it on Israeli over-reaction ‎and trigger-happy behavior. Maybe Obama will then show his disgust with Israel ‎and commit to not vetoing new measures targeting Israel at the U.N. Security ‎Council, including establishing a plan for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank ‎and Jerusalem. ‎
It is also possible that Obama planned to lower the temperature of the American-‎Israeli relationship now that the Iran deal had not been blocked by Congress. The prime minister had been invited to the White House next month, and reportedly ‎the president planned to show up. If Abbas thought this was the new glide path, ‎then throwing a monkey wrench into the mix with new violence would certainly ‎complicate things. Obama's press secretary, Josh Earnest, gave a particularly awful ‎response when questioned about the new wave of Palestinian violence this week, ‎suggesting he had not been advised to turn any page:‎
"The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms ‎violence against Israeli and Palestinian civilians. We call upon ‎all parties to take affirmative steps to restore calm and refrain ‎from actions and rhetoric that would further enflame tensions ‎in that region of the world. We continue to urge all sides to find ‎a way back to the full restoration of the status quo at the ‎Temple Mount in Haram al-Sharif, the location that has ‎precipitated so much of the violence that we've seen there."

In other words, both sides are guilty for attacking the other's ‎civilians, and somehow a change in the status of the Temple ‎Mount (Israel's doing) was the root cause of the new problems. ‎
When the administration's top spokesperson makes this kind ‎of comment, do you think Abbas will decide to ease ‎up on the violence accelerator?

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