Sunday, October 4, 2015

Responding to leftist Jewish hack Steve Sheffey's latest attacks on Israel, support for Iran deal, etc

Anyone out there read Steve Sheffey's bizarre, anti israel, pro leftist email junk he puts out? Here is my response to today's travesty.

Steve Sheffey is a real danger to the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Everything he argues is bizarre and very dangerous. His email letter today is filled with the typical lies, distortions and delusions he usually sends out.
1. On BDS, why would Sheffey attack the most effective anti BDS organization in the world, Stand with US? Either he wants BDS to succeed, or he is a typical deluded leftist. He argues that only leftists can stop BDS by speaking language the progressives can understand. Here is why that is foolish and dangerous.
A. The BDS movement is funded and organized by Muslim terrorists. The college kids behind BDS are baby terrorists, members of Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice  in Palestine, both funded and organized by the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. They are aided by the anti Israel Jewish group J Street, Iranian and George Soros funded, and established by Obama to undermine Israel.
B. BDS supporters are evil hypocrites
C. The left now basically wants Israel gone, destroyed, eliminated. Case in point, Socialist Bernie Sanders recently gave a speech to a large group of his leftist supporters, where he expected applause when he said "Israel has a right to exist" and instead was met with silence and  boos. Jerusalem was booed at Sheffey’s party’s convention in 2012. They have ZERO interest in a 2 state solution, one of them being Jewish. Certainly the Palestinian leadership, embraced by Sheffey, shows us daily they are  monsterous barbarians. They want Israel gone and the Jews dead. Does he deny that about Hamas? How about the PA? They want the democratic nation of israel, which contributes more to humanity per capita than any other nation, gone replaced by this
It is laughable for Sheffey to believe the leftist Jews can talk the baby terrorists out of BDS.
D. Sheffey’s president, whom he always defends, is a jihadist. Here are 217 examples of his party’s US President’s jihadist actions. I dare Sheffey  to try and explain away these 217 examples as non-jihadist. Sheffey’s support for Obama  is either delusional. I assume that Sheffey is not actually an enemy. Just a typically deluded leftist. Here is overwhelming proof of Obama’s jihadism support..…/180-examples-that-
E. Obama hates Israel. Sheffey is again delusional in his defense of Obama. Here is a timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies  So are Biden,
and remember the 42/45 Democratic Senators who supported the catastrophic iran deal.
F. My arguments are actually way more vehement than Stand With Us and i certainly don't speak for them, but Sheffey's attacks on them are not only wrong, they are philosophically reprehensible and morally despicable.

2. Sheffey still, and always has defended the Obama genocidal catastrophic Iran deal, which is  opposed by 216 US generals, Israelis 7-1, and every legitimate Jewish organization and the huge majority of congress.Even though virtually every Democrat in Congress has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Iran lobby on them and sided with evil, (some have been caught being recipients odf Iran money) Sheffey, as an Obama lackey, obviously will never be convinced. Here are dozens and dozens of reasons the iran deal was catastrophic. Guess Sheffey is ok with Iran being allowed to inspect itself and ok with $150 billion+ to buy new weapons. Iran deal worst catastrophic, genocidal deal by USA ever. Strengthens worst nation on earth.
  + endangers USA in 6 ways

3. Sheffey has bought the bizarre leftist idea that banning guns means less crime. The joke on him is he lives in Chicago, which has the toughest gun control and more people are shot and killed  every weekend than died in the terrible school shooting. Hitler wanted guns banned, so did Stalin, and every other tyrant in history. ? What would happen to the 6.3 million Jews in Israel if they had no guns? Bet every Jew in Germany wish they had been allowed to have guns in 1939. Sheffey's view is more idiocy of the left.  Violent Crime in America Dropped 51% As Americans Bought 170 Million Guns - See more at:

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