Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Muslim invasion of Europe has begun.

David Horowitz
The invasion of Europe has begun.

Or perhaps, as Bat Ye’or described in her book, Eurabia, 10 years ago, this is simply the culmination of a long sought plan to convert and subjugate Europe to Islam and destroy Western Civilization.

North America may not be far behind. With Obama’s willingness to let in thousands, if not millions of “refugees” and the change in government in Canada, the door is now wide open to the influx of untold number of possible ISIS and Jihadi members. Have we gone insane?

Will we stand by, just as the European leaders and elites are doing, in kissing their culture, their nations and great civilization goodbye? Are we as full of self hate as the EU and the leaders in London, Rome, Paris and Berlin?

As the bequeathers of a great Civilization that sprung from ancient Greece and Rome, from our shared Judeo-Christian principles and the greatness of English rights, laws and customs, will we stand aside and watch all of this crumble?

This is an invasion of Europe by those that wish to destroy it. If we all, my Freedom Center included, don’t raise the alarm now, Europe will be gone and America will follow.

To get the news on what is happening, to get the truth on what is happening in Europe, I urge you to continue to read FrontPage (FPM) and Truth Revolt. Keep reading the FPM blog, “The Point: by Daniel Greenfield. We have daily updates and articles on what is really happening to Europe. You don’t need me to tell you that you will not get the truth from the mainstream media and certainly not form our leaders in Washington.

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When ISIS said they will take Rome, all we heard was snickers from our elites. After all, Obama stressed in his condescending professorial arrogant way, that ISIS is a “jayvee” team. In less than two years, ISIS has recreated the caliphate that Islamist's have dreamed of since the fall of the Ottoman Empire almost 100 years ago. Jayvee indeed.


  1. The Muslim invasion of Europe is opened

  2. This is Hijrah, an obligation of Muslims to spread the caliphate.