Friday, October 16, 2015

Imagine the reaction if Bibi demanded Jews pick up knives and stab every Muslim to death?

Imagine the reaction if Bibi demanded Jews pick up knives and stab every Muslim to death? Abbas Calls for Violence Against Jewish 'Filth' on Temple Mount PA chairman praises 'martyrs' spilling blood in Jerusalem, and Kerry asks for restraint from all sides.
The truths of Jews getting stabbed, rammed, hit by rocks daily by Muslims
Abbas and the other terrorists are inciting genocide against Jews and our Administration has no moral courage except to blame both sides.
1.The world’s left, including USA’s Democrats,
A. couldn’t care less about dead Jews…/global-left-doesnt-care-dead-je…/ Iran and isis planning to nuk 6.3 million Jews in Isreal and no one protests
B. Will always blame Israel first no matter what she does to defend Jewish lives Arabs are stabbing Jews each day and Israel is at fault? The Obama administration constantly shows how they detest Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East.…/obama-admin-accuses-israel-of-te…/
C. They think Exxon, not Iran or Isis, is the main enemy. The left will always find excuses or whitewash barbarian monsters in Islam or the left…/here-are-examples-o…
D. 225 examples of Obama's jihadist actions:…/180-examples-that-o…
Evidence Hillary and Biden long history undermine and threaten Israel. Here is a timeline of their clear anti-Israel policies…/obama-biden-hillary…
2. Israel
A. just wants to live in peace, within secure borders and if permitted to do so, will contribute hugely to humanity, as they do now
B..No other nation on earth has its very existence challenged openly and threatened daily. The world yawns
C. It does not matter that Jews are an amazingly productive and positive people, contributing mightily to the world. Muslims in the last 10000 years contribute nothing but violence. It does not matter how many Nobel prize winners Jews have, or how much of the items we rely on daily came from Jewish brains, the world does not care about Jewish lives.
3. Palestinians
A. They were established by Muslims for the sole purpose of weakening Israel. They have 0 history
B. They have no interest in living peacefully next to Israel. They are committed to killing Jews and destroying Israel. Period. That is what they teach their kindergarteners.…/20-lines-of-analysi…
C. BDS is not about boycotting Israel. It is about the end of Israel
D. Jihadist Muslims will tell any lie to further their cause
4. Islam is a uniquely violent and barbaric religion. Reformation is extremely difficult.

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